Jeez the Telegraph needs subeditors

Life in prison for the only British citizen on death row in America

Whut? The sentence has been commuted?

No, it’s “The life in prison of” not “life in prison for”.

Subs being the people who write the headlines – in places that have subs – and it’s a specialist job. Clarity being one of these important things.

4 thoughts on “Jeez the Telegraph needs subeditors”

  1. I’m with Michael Gove’s cocaine-fuelled pro-hanging enthusiasm.

    On 16 May 2001, Carty and three co-defendants [Gerald Anderson, Chris Robinson, and Carlos Williams] invaded the home of a 25 year old female. The victim and her three-day-old baby were kidnapped and two other victims were beaten, duct taped, and left in the residence. The 25 year old female was hog-tied with duct tape, a bag was taped over her head, and she was placed in the trunk of a car. This victim died from suffocation.

  2. ‘Clarity being one of these important things.’

    How quaint. It’s about attracting clicks now.

  3. Eric from Chilwell

    By definition anyone who is executed in prison has already completed a whole life tariff

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