Just a little point about the NHS

It was while playing tennis that he first noticed signs of the cancer that would kill him. He remained stoically cheerful throughout the nine weeks of his illness.

The NHS target for cancer treatment – from GP first thinking there might be something there to starting whatever chemo or radiation or whatever – is 62 days.

8.85 weeks.

Just an interesting number.

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  1. Its far better when the hospital find you have cancer. Wife went from a routine day operation for kidney issues to having chemo in about 2 hours after the op.

  2. Early in 2018 I had a problem which appeared to be some kind of heart condition. Over the first half of the year I had various scans and tests spread out over a period of about seven months. The staff that carried out the various procedures were excellent but it would take weeks to get a letter about the results. The lack of urgency over something that was potentially life threatening was quite worrying to say the least. They never did diagnose the problem but I found out that my ticker is in good working order. I think that it is probably diabetes related as I found similar symptoms described in a book on the subject.

  3. Thanks Theo, she did. This was several years back and she’s been clear 2 years now.
    Just annual appointments.

  4. Took my father in law nearly a year to see a neurologist and be diagnosed with Parkinson’s, envy of the world ehhh.

    My comparative experience of healthcare in Canada is much more positive than the NHS, oddly I’m writing this while waiting to see a GP on a Saturday at a drop-in clinic.
    One of my colleagues in work recently needed an MRI and it took a 2 days for an appointment, mainly it seems because they have allowed private suppliers (who then charge the health authority,) so maybe not protecting the NHS in a trade deal wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

  5. Yes, like all public services, having a target means someone has to write a memo to someone else if it’s missed. In much the same way that Merv had to write a memo to Gord if inflation wasn’t 2%. Until everybody forgot about writing the memo because nobody cared.

  6. BniC,

    You know why? Private companies make good use of their MRI scanners. MRI scanners are very expensive bits of kit. Like £600K.

    Our NHS, The Envy of the World used to run MRI scanners on limited hours. Like 35 per week. The private sector runs them 7 days a week, 10+ hours per day. Allows you to do about 20% more scans for the same money.

  7. Bloke in North Dorset

    When I had the shockwave treatment for kidney stones my company’s private insurance paid for it to be done at Reading general out of hours. My appointments were usually at 7:30pm and the work was done by the NHS team wearing the uniform of one of the private hospitals I’d had treatment at.

  8. BniC – last 2 times I had an MRI scan it was in a trailer unit parked on a hospital car park. Reception, scanner etc all inside the trailer.
    Sunday morning scan last time, 8am and 3rd person there.
    Scan was quick, time taken for appointment and seeing the consultant way too long.

    GP surgery (private company) I book the appointments with receiption by phone or online.
    Hospital (state run organisation) I have to wait for a letter with an appointment that some of the time appears to go missing in the post and when I do get it often I need to change due to other commitments.

    I’ve owned mobile phones almost 25 years, was only last year the hospital (who get given mobile phone numbers every time I change them) started to text reminders. To date they have never rung.
    Have spoken to a GP at my surgery by mobile a few dozen times over the years.

  9. BonM4: that’s how my NHS ENT surgeon works: he insists the booking systems gets half a dozen cases together all on the same day so he can maximise his and his team’s throughput. If management controlled his work they’d book the full theatre team for a full half day six seperate times. I arrived at 8am, was in theatre at 8:30, awake at noon, home at 4pm with a bag fulla drugs.
    He’s the same surgeon I had 25 years ago, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s looking forward to grabbing retirement with both hands.

  10. @bloke on M4
    Yes I know, all about utilisation, last time my wife had an appointment for a scan she was able to book it for 7am on way into work, state organisations aren’t going to be that flexible

  11. BniC

    “so maybe not protecting the NHS in a trade deal wouldn’t be such a bad idea”

    I do wonder if those so desperately worried over the “privatisation of the NHS” ever srop to think about what exactly it is they’re so worried about. I don’t know if any mainstream politician arguing for anything other than a tax-based payment system. Do these worriers take that? Do they understand that when Owen Jones or Polly Toynbee or Sage of Ely denounce privatisation they are actually jidy shills for the current monopoly producer?

  12. @Ironman June 16, 2019 at 4:32 pm

    I’d love NHS to be privatised with fee per procedure increases set at RPI-x% to improve efficiency.

    Fund holding GPs were a good start; Blair abolished them.

    Dentists and Opticians are “privatised” and offer better service than NHS.

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