Just a slight amusement

Trump’s re-election kick off was:

The president claimed 120,000 people had applied for tickets for his launch at Orlando’s Amway Center.

Amway – Betsey De Vos’ family company.

I’m sure there’s already some groupuscule out there shouting that this is evidence of collaboration so impeach him!

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  1. OT

    Youtube Tory Leader Debate round two BBC 18/06/2019

    Note: Audio starts at 1m 20s; “Debate”, then after debate @1hr uploader comments

    Blacked up Francesca from QT spouting bollocks

    Hunt: “EU say we must decide what to do on NI/RoI border”

    Answer: Nothing

    Then all the BA/GFA bollocks about closed border from all again. I regularly drove from Belfast to Dublin 1993-1996 (before BA/GFA} and no checks, stops etc.

    UK GDP ~£2 Trillion; NI/RoI trade £4 Billion – if EU close border it’s a nothing

    Border is an EU red-herring to divert attention from the WA evils

    Did Matlis, Gove et al not watch BBC4 Brexit – Behind Closed Doors (on youtube)

    Iman Abdulla – “BBC apologises for not researching him” – imo a lie, they knew exactly who he was

    Matlis: Nazanine… imo Johnson told truth in his commons speech

    Global Warming – all want to destroy UK economy and our lives even though UK CO2 emissions is ~1% of world

    Hunt: “Doing something vs doing enough” – whatever we do is inconsequential and Gov’t/state sadism.

    Sheep, sheep, sheep again: sheep meat so important to GB/NI farmers we import it from New Zealand. FO it’s a sympathy virtue signal big nothing to prevent Brexit. If EU slap tariff on it, sell to Rest of World (RoW)

    I thought the C4 “Debate” format was bad, BBC was even worse. BBC & C4 intention was to make all candidates look bad is my conclusion.

    All candidates spewing platitudes and virtue signalling.

    Most worrying: Johnson @17m 55s “We will not leave without good terms which protect EU and UK”

    None of above as PM

    Nigel Farage for PM

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