Lesbian vampire movies are hardly a new thing

San Francisco’s Frameline43 festival highlights the evolution of trans lives onscreen – from bigotry to complex reality

Things are tense. The 18-year-old who left home to find herself in the big city has just had her first lesbian encounter concluded with a savage bite to the neck. Turns out that her sexual partner is a vampire, and now she’s a vampire too. Will she take the antidote and go back to being human, or will she embrace eternal life and a diet of blood? It’s a tough choice but the fact that years ago she made a different kind of transition makes things easier.

Welcome to the brave new world of trans film. Once dominated by misunderstanding, exoticization and bigotry, transgender film has evolved to explore the complex realities of trans lives.

It’s not entirely a depiction of reality either, is it?

22 thoughts on “Lesbian vampire movies are hardly a new thing”

  1. I don’t know if Kate Beckinsale in Underworld liked a munch now and then, but she was rather easy on the eye in that black PVC.

  2. It’s not entirely a depiction of reality either, is it?

    Hater bigot. People can be born with the body of a male but have the brain of a immortal telepathic feminist lesbian vampire. There are science scans, you know.

  3. the brave new world of trans film

    At least the Graun recognises that it’s a dystopia.

    Or do they read Brave New World like they read 1984?

  4. It’s not directly a depiction of reality, no, but some horror tells stories about our world subtextually. It’s an underrated genre in that regard.

  5. I’m not sure that depicting a trans seriously considering the life of a serial killer (for that is what vampires are as they leave most of their cannon fodder victims dead) casts that favourable a light on them.

  6. Dennis the Peasant

    Well, if you’re stupid enough to live in SF you’ll go for just about anything… except normalcy and clean streets.

  7. The new thing isn’t the lesbian vampire movies per se, it’s the increasing awareness that those of us who identify as vampires are a persecuted part of our cultural tapestry. Eventually, we may even be able to move beyond hateful bigots calling us serial killers just because we leave most of our sustainers dead (not that I’m naming names, JS).

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    Does this mean we now have to add V to 2SQLGBTA…….?

    And I’ve still no idea what the 2S is and frankly am beyond caring.

  9. @Mark – I thought until literally a fortnight ago that she was called Kate Beckinsdale. Every time I heard or saw her name, I got Beckinsdale.

    For some reason, I started noticing the correct spelling and immediately thought it was a mistake. Then I wondered if she’d altered the spelling for some reason, so I found an episode of Porridge on YouTube and watched the credits.

    Weird… what else have I been getting wrong for decades?

  10. “Then I wondered if she’d altered the spelling for some reason, so I found an episode of Porridge…”

    I was quite shocked that she’d been shagging Doctor Who recently.

  11. Nothing says “brave new world” like the vampire movie genre. They could be more edgy and try zombie films.

  12. 2S is Two Spirit which is First Nations for trans or bi or just gay depending on who you ask, the idea being say that there is a mans spirit in a woman’s body that causes them to be different.
    I’ve met a transitioned First Nations who told me their grandmother says they had the grandfathers spirit as he died a week before they were born and the proper rituals to protect a baby’s spirit were neglected.
    I have had also had someone say it is cultural appropriation and disrespectful of First Nations for a white person to use the phrase, though that person was white to use the expression though the First Nations people I’ve met don’t seem to have any problem with others using it, certainly it sounds better than trans

  13. Can’t use the ‘i’ word, even though the relevant legislation is the ‘Indian registration act’
    @Edward Lud I’ve worked with some First Nations organisations and done the obligatory cultural safety training.
    The First Nations in BC are becoming increasingly organised and political.
    Interestingly First Nations people working on First Nations land are exempt from some income taxes which I suppose is as clear a statement of sovereignty you can have.

  14. I think the next one out is a remake of “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” featuring brave Xer Robyn and xis minstrels.

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