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Police arrest man suspected of having a meth-fuelled trained attack squirrel

Sounds fun but I didn’t know it was a thing

17 thoughts on “Me neither”

  1. “the squirrel named “Deeznutz” could not be tested for meth and has been released.”

    What? Was it too aggressive for a blood sample? If so, why the heck did they release it – did PETA post bail?

  2. Ii was replying to Martin who wondered what we could do with cats.

    As there’s a lot of squirrels living in the trees around my garden maybe I need to be more careful about going outside, they were pretty vocal chittering away last time I trimmed some branches so I’m already in their bad books

  3. There is a trained attack squirrel loose on the population?

    Bad enough when it was only a rabbit killing knights and squires, now we have a squirrel too…

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    “If we can do that to squirrels what can we do to cats?”

    Sean Carrol, scientist and author (also excellent Mindscape podcast) says he has a cat that likes to play “fetch”.

    I had a guy working for me who bred rabbits. He reckoned he could train them to be house trained and had one that lived in the house and when it was upset with them turned it’s back and sulked.

    “Cats train you not the other way around”

    Living in the sticks and being a slave to a cat I can confirm this is true:

    A dog looks at its owners and this is great, they must be gods.

    A cat looks at its owners and thinks this is great, I must be a god.

  5. Police arrest man suspected of having a meth-fuelled trained attack squirrel

    When the State bans meth-fuelled trained attack squirrels, only criminals will have meth-fuelled trained attack squirrels.

  6. BiND, cats don’t have owners, they have staff.

    Being butler to an Abyssinian is generally regarded as an honour, or so my cat seems to believe.

  7. @BniC June 28, 2019 at 9:11 pm

    Yep, squirrels (aka tree rats) can be damned vocal & noisy

    Have you encountered garden snails having sex? They can be noisy too.


    We had a house rabbit – re-homed from a cruel hutch owner – it used a litter tray without training. Sulk – if its water wasn’t fresh enough it threw bowl around.

    Rabbit liked to snuggle up with dog, dog hated rabbit. Took rabbit on walks, if it became scared it would jump/scratch at my legs to be picked up.

    More fun & affectionate than a cat, more like a dog.

  8. I have a cat that plays fetch. And a Silver Vine (member of the Kiwi family) in the garden that has pretty much the effect of meth on cats, sometimes have all the neighborhood moggies lying under it stoned. Deadly to try and touch them in this state. Fluffy lapsitters become huge pupiled, manic, twisting claymore mines with teeth.

  9. Silver Vine – added to shopping list in hope of cat death fights

    I still treasure the cartoon image of next door’s cat stuck 3/4 way up fence like those car rear window ones when our Malinois found fence hole and sunbathed on their decking

    So, so funny.

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