One of the things about you lot

But the man in the picture is not wearing a frock coat; it is clearly an evening tailcoat.

It’s the knowledge base you’ve all got…..

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  1. The Meissen Bison

    It’s the translation that was wrong (The Guardian, wrong about everything, all the time.) Correctly: evening dress, white tie & tails). RichardT is either a pendant like so many of us or a regular concert-goer.

  2. Bloke in Germany

    Meissen, do you socialise with the honourable member for the 18th century by any chance? Concert-goers haven’t dressed like that since before I were knee-high to a grasshopper.

  3. The bloke in the snap is wearing a black tie. I wonder if his garb is an allusion to death and funerals?

  4. Frock coats are what riverboat gamblers wear. It’s what I wanted to be when I grew up.

  5. @dearieme.. Good spot. I’m not sure about the Spanish “dress code” but in a civilised country like wot England is, a white tie should be worn with tails. A black tie is fine with a frock coat – easily distinguished as it is cut level around the base.

    Naturally, being an aristo, one has tails, frock, and short dinner jacket (so horribly described as a “tuxedo” by the ex-colonials on the other side of the pond) in one’s wardrobe. I believe it’s still not uncommon to “dress” for the opera… Not that I would know, I can’t stand the bloody noise.

  6. “RichardT is either a pendant like so many of us”

    Do you mean he dangles, rather than showing excessive concern about small details ?

    The the taxi is on the way, and I’m getting my coat ready…

  7. Bloke no Longer in Austria


    Trump was probably so vulgar as to have a new one made especially whereas the Royal Family’s have been around since The Crimean War.

  8. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    BTW if anyone wants a story of true dedication to dressing correctly, see if you can find Beachcomber’s story of Big White Carstairs and “Trousers over Africa”

  9. Baron

    Any man who does not dress for dinner (in his own home a smoking jacket is acceptable) is no doubt in trade of some sort

  10. Baron,

    Boys only play dressup at the opera for the season opener, premieres, and hugely special occasions (I will get a tux if and when I ever manage to go to the Neujahrskonzert in Vienna).

    To be fair, Germany is a bit more laid back about clothes than some places. Teatro alla Scala, at least when I was going regularly, didn’t like denim, and would go as far as not letting you in for the season opener unless you were sat in the “cognoscenti” seats on the top deck.

  11. Black tie with tails -. not really on.

    But then, I suppose ,”it’s all right, he’s from Barcelona”

  12. Dennis the Peasant

    Trump was probably so vulgar as to have a new one made especially whereas the Royal Family’s have been around since The Crimean War.

    Old, passé, and smelling faintly of mothballs. That’s the British aristocracy in a nutshell.

  13. The Meissen Bison


    Mothballs? Definitely passé: didn’t the EU band napthalene?


    Anon, of course, hits the nail on the head.

  14. “a white tie should be worn with tails”

    Not in Oxford sub-fusc, which for chaps is traditionally a dark lounge suit, white shirt and white bow-tie* with academic gown.

    *though I understand black bow ties and black full-length ties are now permitted.

  15. “didn’t the EU ban naphthalene?”

    Most things that work will be banned by the EU.

    Light bulbs that light up rooms and vacuum cleaners that pick up dirt have already been banned.

  16. The Pedant-General


    “a white tie should be worn with tails”

    Not in Oxford sub-fusc,

    You are misinterpretting – the suggestion here is not that if you are wearing a white tie you must ergo be wearing a tailcoat. It’s hte other way round: if you are wearing a tailcoat, you MUST be sporting a white bow tie.

  17. The Meissen Bison

    TP-G: if you are wearing a tailcoat, you MUST be sporting a white bow tie.

    Not strictly true, of course. A morning coat which is a full tail coat as opposed to cut-away evening tails, is traditionally worn with a plain or finely patterned grey to silver tie with no wing collar to the shirt.

  18. @PJF June 4, 2019 at 10:31 am

    Wouldn’t matter what Trump wore Left & MSM wouldn’t see it through the fog of their frothing bile

    Welcome to London, President Trump. That’s what Simon Schama, the man who puts the ug in smug, wasn’t saying on Sky News and BBC News, before going back to Sky then returning to the Beeb to not say it all over again. And again.

    As the President of the United States began his visit to the UK, the Trump- hating historian was passing himself around the broadcasters like a tray of poisoned teacakes; one soundbite and we were all choking.

    ‘There is a bad smell over London today. We are trying to be friendly with the hyena,’ he fumed on Sky News, shortly before 10am….”

  19. An open letter to the Foreign Secretary
    …All in all, I am embarrassed and angered that the government has done nothing to mitigate the appalling vituperation levelled at Donald Trump. It is really disappointing that Mrs May is found to be such a prisoner of hostile social media, and seemingly running scared, that she won’t publicly condemn this outrageous behaviour. ..

    The Trump baby-blimpers should learn from Tiananmen’s Tank Man what fascism really is


  20. Dennis the Peasant

    Part of the genius of Trump the vulgarian is that he exposes, by his very existence, just how vulgar our intellectual and moral betters actually are… like moths to a flame.

    Moths who are alive – at least in the EU – in no small part because the EU has banned naphthalene.

  21. Simon Schama is just a pantomime dame.

    It’s a great pity: his history of the French Revolution – Citizens – was so good that for ages no French firm would publish it. Highly recommended – but do buy it second hand so that Widow Wanky gets no royalties.

  22. @Lockers

    “Educating” Diane Abbott? Impossible, she can’t count her fingers, let alone her toes.

    On Schama: he did a good Defending Israel prog on BBC R4 last year – first time I broadly agreed with him.

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