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MPs are sceptical about briefings that the Labour leader goes on long runs, cycles and works out in the gym to keep himself in shape for becoming prime minister. “There have been rumours about his illness for a bit and all that rubbish about him going running and being fit. He’s obviously not well and it’s not just ageing, something has happened — he doesn’t seem all there sometimes,” an aide to a senior Labour politician says. “Everyone says it.”

How much of this is just another attempt to get rid of the bugger and how much is true?

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  1. It’s just another attempted stitch up from the Times newspaper. They’re running a pincer movement to take out both Boris and Corbyn, and restore one of their own – an establishment liberal – in both positions. It doesn’t then matter who wins a general election, as it will always be ‘their man’. Not content with running the MSM, Whitehall, the High Court and just about every quango in the land, the establishment needs to exert some sort of control over the whims of us pesky voters.

  2. Corbyn’s health, mental or otherwise, shouldn’t matter – look how long they kept Brezhnev propped up…

  3. Who’d have believed there was a reason he was sat on the backbenches ignored by everyone for so many years?

  4. They will keep him going in the hope that people will vote for the Worzel Gummidge image and then, once ensconced in No 10, an internal coup a la Livingstone, will put Comrade McDonnell in charge. Gulags in the wasteland of the country, such as Hull, Felixstowe, and Sheppey will surely follow.

  5. He cycles to work frequently, and actual athleticism is not a job requirement. Physically I’d say he’s OK.
    Can’t see much change in his mental faculties either.

  6. Birmingham: Police Declare Major Incident – Investigation In Progress

    West Midlands Police has launched a major investigation into the incident.

    Anyone with information is urged to get in contact with police immediately.

    ‘An investigation is underway and anyone with information is asked to contact police via Live Chat at http://www.west-midlands.pnn.police.uk between 8am and midnight or call 101 anytime.

    ‘Please quote crime reference number 20BE/153313J/19.

    ‘Crimestoppers can be contacted anonymously on 0800 555 111.’

    What happend?

    …baby had been hit in the eye and blood was pouring down its face.

    ‘The man who hit the golf ball from the other side of the park had two young children with him.

    A full statement from the force read: ‘Officers were alerted by ambulance colleagues to reports that a baby had been hit in the eye with a golf ball on a playground outside Radley court on Sheldon Heath Road, just after 8:40pm last night.

    ‘The three-month-old baby boy was taken to hospital with a serious eye injury, where he remains this morning.

    ‘A 36-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of assault and is currently in hospital.

    Police have lost the plot.

  7. ‘How much of this is just another attempt to get rid of the bugger and how much is true?’

    Doesn’t matter if it’s true. Lefties don’t care.

    Video of Hillary being thrown into a getaway van had no impact.

    Many videos of Hillary being helped up stairs.

    Widespread reports of her behavior being consistent with Parkinson’s.

    Didn’t matter. The Left only cares if it’s YOUR candidate.

  8. Off topic but worth mentioning.

    What’s up with those hypocritical vegans going to Glastonbury? It’s a dairy farm.

  9. There’s another possibility. Decades after first encountering Marxism etc, he’s finally doing what it takes a few weeks/months for most people. This would have the outward appearance of confusion, there may even be the odd outburst of “what am I doing here?” and the like.

  10. @AndrewC

    Isn’t Glastonbury a festival venue which has a few cows kept on site for tax / planning permission purposes? I’d imagine that the festival income totally dwarfs any income the cows make…

  11. It appears that magic grandpa made up his political mind when he was 17 – capitalism bad/kill the tories etc. I doubt that his mind has been used at all for the last 50 + years except to reinforce his teenage views. No doubt he’s got a poster of Che in his bedroom.

  12. “I think there is more to this than meets the eye”

    Well clearly it’s some idiot whacking golf balls in a public park.

  13. It’s because Corbyn is refusing to go full-on Remainer and support a second referndum. As a result the Remainers are trying to have him removed as Labour leader.

    (It’s true that he’s not fit to hold public office, but that’s because of his Marxist views, not his physical fitness.)

  14. A 36-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of assault and is currently in hospital.

    A return to old style Sweeny-like policing?

    Anyway, a “major incident” was declared? These are meant for terrorist attacks, natural disasters and mass hashtag misuse by the “Alt Right” on Twitter, aren’t they?

  15. McDonnell is a violent man and I don’t think he’d be happy ruling under the old codger. Jews have long been chosen as physical victims of violence and I think they’ve been chosen as fodder for a McDonnell Premiership. He won’t be happy until he’s ordered and witnessed a few kneecappings.

  16. the prole – as I recall it doesn’t make much profit.
    Festival income sure dwarfs cow income. Festival expenses do too.

  17. @Flubber June 30, 2019 at 2:26 am

    Idiot – perhaps.

    Assault, major crime, plod advertise for informers – lunacy

    Tiger Woods couldn’t hit a baby, let alone it’s eye intentionally from ~200 yards.

    It’s an unfortunate Accident not a crime.

  18. FYI

    Len McCluskey blasted reporters who were told by Civil Service sources that the hard-Left veteran, 70, was ‘frail’ and ‘losing his memory’. Rumours have been swirling for months about Mr Corbyn’s health

  19. “rumours about his illness”? That’s fast, it usually starts with “rumours about his health”.

    Doesn’t He/She Look Tired?

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