So, am I wrong or just unobservant?

Ollie, Ollie, Ollie, Oi, Oi, Oi!

Allez, Allez, Allez, Oic, Oic, Oic!

Is the vernacular English just a homophone for the Provencal/Aquitanian French?

12 thoughts on “So, am I wrong or just unobservant?”

  1. Left in full denial mode about Chernobyl and the true drab horror of socialism

    It has always struck me as odd that in 2019 there are still those who would advocate socialism and communism in this country and indeed in the West generally.

    Knowing what history tells us of these now universally discarded and defunct ideologies, it seems quite extraordinary that, inter alia, Messrs Corbyn and McDonnell try to persuade us that this is in any way desirable. More extraordinary still is the plethora of ‘socialist historians’ determined to demonstrate that these ideologies existed long before Marx and Engels. They didn’t

    If you have ever wondered what life might be like under an ideology long ago discarded by the world, particularly the West, do watch the current Sky Atlantic TV serial Chernobyl. Quite apart from being a superbly assembled ‘no frills’ drama, it does make very clear how communism failed at least two generations and nearly killed off at least half the non-communist world in the process. The utter contempt for life engendered by an obsession for control and secrecy is beautifully balanced against the courage and heroism of its plentiful, loyal and conveniently dispensable ‘proletariat’.

    Orwell’s Animal Farm, prescient at the time of its publication and as relevant today as ever, is writ large over this excellent but harrowing dramatisation of events. Glaringly, rubbed into our faces, select apparatchiks were very much ‘more equal than others’…

    Available on Pirate Bay if no Sky subscription

  2. The repeated argument is that socialism fails because of outside influence, that they need the whole planet universally implementing socialism for it to work, even barricading the outside world outside your anti-fascist barrier won’t work, they’ll still be there.
    Maybe this should be the impetus for interplanetary exploration – then the socialists can find an entire planet for themselves to run out their experiments, a la Elite. But, contrary to Elite, they would have to barricade their planet off from outside influence, aka trade. Remind me, how’s North Korea doing?

  3. Also, Ziggy Ziggy Ziggy, Oi Oi Oi, Ziggy, Oi, Ziggy, Oi, Ziggy Ziggy Ziggy, Oi Oi OI !

    General oikish (or is it Orkish) chant beloved of a generation of student drinkers.

    Often when there’s a bit of “French” being bandied about.

  4. ‘Provencal/Aquitanian French?’

    It is called la Langue d’Oc, or Occitane, because the word for ‘yes’ is ‘oc’. It has a different root from French from northern France which became Standard French and based on la Langue d’Oïl… ‘oïl’ being the word for ‘yes’.

    In Occitane the verb to go is ‘anar’, not aller.

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