So who were those who recorded?

Sure and this was all just out of concern for the neighbours – the distaff side of the neighbours. Nothing at all to do with politics, leadership races, Brexit or anything else:

Boris Johnson: police called to loud altercation at potential PM’s home
Exclusive: Neighbour records shouting and banging at flat MP shares with Carrie Symonds

Err, yes?

The neighbour decided to call 999. Two police cars and a van arrived within minutes, shortly after midnight, but left after receiving reassurances from both the individuals in the flat that they were safe.

When contacted by the Guardian on Friday, police initially said they had no record of a domestic incident at the address. But when given the case number and reference number, as well as identification markings of the vehicles that were called out, police issued a statement saying: “At 00:24hrs on Friday, 21 June, police responded to a call from a local resident in [south London]. The caller was concerned for the welfare of a female neighbour.

“Police attended and spoke to all occupants of the address, who were all safe and well. There were no offences or concerns apparent to the officers and there was no cause for police action.”

Hmm, OK. And yet:

The neighbour said they recorded the altercation from inside their flat out of concern for Symonds. On the recording, heard by the Guardian, Johnson can be heard refusing to leave the flat and telling Symonds to “get off my fucking laptop” before there is a loud crashing noise.

Symonds is heard saying Johnson had ruined a sofa with red wine: “You just don’t care for anything because you’re spoilt. You have no care for money or anything.”

The neighbour said: “There was a smashing sound of what sounded like plates. There was a couple of very loud screams that I’m certain were Carrie and she was shouting to ‘get out’ a lot. She was saying ‘get out of my flat’ and he was saying no. And then there was silence after the screaming. My partner, who was in bed half asleep, had heard a loud bang and the house shook.”

Thin walls in South London, eh?

And, of course, this was all just out of concern for the distaff side of the neighbourly couple. Absolutely not to do with anything else.

So, how long before the claim that Boris can’t be PM because he’s a domestic abuser? 3….2….1…..

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  1. And the good, kind, and caring neighbours contacted the Guardian almost immediately. with a recording that was made through the planted microphone?

    We know that Daniel Craig hurt his ankle on the new James Bond movie sssssset, so we can only assume this was 008.

  2. Ms Symonds should call ‘Britains Most Haunted’, ’cause it sounds like she’s got spooks.

  3. But when given the case number and reference number

    Who gave them that?

    What’s the public interest here that the Guardian thinks it can act like the News of the World over this?

  4. I thought it was just a quiet news night in London, but someone was shot, inevitably. The BBC relegates that story to half way down the ‘England news’ page, the headline of which is, inevitably, the announcement of some ‘Windrush memorial’.

    Just another day in Londonistan then.

  5. Tim, I like to think I’m quite good at reading people’s motivations and whatnot (it’s my job), but I’m astounded at the Stop Boris At All Costs campaign. Can’t grok it at all.

    He’s a metropolitan liberal who is noticeably to the “left” (to the extent that means anything) of typical Tory membership opinion on social issues. On Europe he’s far squidgier than Nigel Farage or John Redwood. He was a well-liked London mayor who showed no signs of Hitlerian tendencies or even mild disapproval of bum boys, brown people and whatnot while in office.

    So why is he suddenly a racistsexisthomeophobic dictator-in-waiting? Yes, whoever wins the Conservative leadership would instantly become racist (even Saj), but the Stop Boris thing feels more intense than the usual default Tory-smearing. They genuinely seem frightened and angry about the blond beast becoming PM.

    Is it because they’re still angry about that bus?

  6. They genuinely seem frightened and angry about the blond beast becoming PM.

    Boris is harmless to most of what they believe – except for the EU. They’re really worried he’s going to actually take us out. We can conclude that the EU is a far bigger issue for them than the rest of it.

    Plus they’re generally insane.

  7. I sneeze in threes

    They are scared of Boris because he might win a decent majority in the next general election.

  8. @Rob

    To be fair, “high profile politician in possible domestic abuse incident” would surely pass any public interest test regardless of the affiliation and views of said politician – whether the story is being overhyped or being used strategically or why it emerged in the press at all are separate issues, and where the affiliation and views of the MP may well make a difference.

  9. It’s High Noon for the Conservative Party. While many of my drinking companions married their ‘childhood sweetheart’ (sounds so quaint in the 21st Century) and have lived happily ever after, like most men, I also have friends who are serial philanderers that have been dragged to the altar multiple times. The latter are great fun, albeit at times dangerous company, and you would never entrust the family firm to their hands – unless, of course, the future of the organisation is in serious peril and this is your last throw of the dice.

  10. The “homophobe” attack is weird since BoJo was one of the early movers for gay marriage.

    “Misogynist” is a label he has struggled to escape though, since those who know him seem to worry he thinks of women primarily in the binary categories of “want to, and will attempt to, shag” versus “don’t want to shag”. Amber Rudd’s weirdly personal attack on him during the Brexit debate, re she wouldn’t trust him in a taxi, is a case in point. This does add rather more fuel to the fire – however sceptical you might be of it, the story seems to be having some impact with the public (it was top read on the BBC well before they promoted it to the lead item) and the tapes might be released later.

    There are several MPs who could quit the Tories if Boris wins due to their differences over Brexit. More so if he appears headed deliberately towards No Deal. This provides an additional excuse, if they feel like they need one. I wouldn’t be confident that Boris winning the Tory membership vote automatically gives him a majority in the Commons, and certainly not a majority for whatever Brexit policy he lays out.

  11. Steve–the characteristics you ascribe to BoJo are almost exactly the same as those of Donald Trump who was a liberal Democrat before the mad rush to the left turned him into literally Hitler.

    I don’t trust the Tory bastard on anything and esp Brexit but he is the “best” of a very bad shower of BlueLabour shite. Steve Baker would have been far better. But if the shitescum left are so desperate to stop him that full Trump Derangement Syndrome mode is engaged then that suggests they really are frit .


  12. BiW, PJF, sneeze³ – It’s that simple? I’m disappointed in them, I thought the sheer volume of Boris Derangement must’ve been down to something more than mere partisan hackery (even Theresa May didn’t receive this much hate when she was pretending to leave the EU)

    Edward – I sell digital transformation, and digital transformation accessories. In practice it means I crack jokes while the techies talk techie stuff, but somebody’s gotta do it.

    Ecks – Yarp. You’d think he’d strangled a dog, or something. I’m sure I’ve read articles in the Guardian where Myra Hindley got a fairer hearing than de Pfeffel. The least we can expect of a Boris prime ministership is mountains of delicious salt.

  13. “Not safe in taxis”? The last person I heard use that phrase was a debutante in the 1950s.

  14. I sell digital transformation…

    I just looked up what that meant
    and I still have no idea.

    I think it’s just buzz words for going paperless, which was buzzwords for getting a computer and the intwerweb. Apparently the UK is only 17% “transformed” so there must still be some quill pens and parchment in use.

    I quite liked Seven of Nine after her analogue transformation (how did that get in there?).

  15. So Boris is a womanising left of centre liberal, so basically Lloyd George, so that should make the lib dems happy

  16. Bloke in North Dorset

    So, in the interests of needing to know all about future PMs, in the public interest eg

    Exactly how many children have you wired Mr Johnson?

    When did you stop beating your girlfriend Mr Johnson?

    Would it be acceptable for a Catholic reporter to ask a potential female PM how many abortions she’s had?

  17. Is there no one enjoying the irony of the guy who ‘reported’ the story being a ‘playwright’?

  18. Pcar, lots of inconsistencies in the neighbour’s story. Were they in bed or were they answering a deliveroo delivery. How did they manage to record something that maxed out their phone’s microphone when they say they recorded it in their flat above Symond’s or did they record it at their shared entrance inside the house.

  19. ‘Racism’, ‘mysoginy’ etc are now worthless words, abused so much by the Left they now have the approximate value of a Zimbabwean Cent under Mugabe.

    No actual real people pay the slightest attention to it.

  20. Carrie Symonds must be feeling like shit.

    This is her private home, and she now knows that she has the kind of snooping / peeping tom type neighbours, sufficiently deviant / warped that that they’ll happily record late night occurrences with the intention of passing those to the national press.

    They’re sick as far as I’m concerned.

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