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That Green New Deal and travel

I have mentioned I was out and about whilst doing some thinking today. One of the things I was sketching out were the objectives of the Green New Deal. I came up with this. Comments welcome:

The objectives of the Green New Deal shall be:

To create a net zero carbon economy
To protect against habitat and biodiversity loss
To ensure every building in the UK is as energy efficient as feasibly possible, and generates power if that can be accommodated within its design
To promote public transport for all journeys, including and most especially local ones
To encourage the building of new low and no-carbon housing to meet social need
To invest in new methods of power generation, transmission and distribution
To encourage alternative and reduced forms of consumption that reduce the demand on the natural resources of our planet

Etc, etc. Written by the man who did this:

It was pretty wet in Aberystwyth this morning. So, with plenty to read and a couple of computers in tow I caught the train to Pwllheli just to have a cup of tea. More than six hours of train ride for £8.50 – and amazing views.

6 hours on a diesel train for a cup of tea – to save the planet.

27 thoughts on “That Green New Deal and travel”

  1. The eco-freaks are amongst the worst and most evil and miserable scum the vile left has ever spawned.

    The old time lying Marxian slime at least paid lip-service to the idea of prosperity –these eco shite are either just morons who think they can destroy technological society but still keep their cozy life style or “elite” scum who want the rest of us mostly dead and the remnants made into techno-peasants who get up at 2 am to tend the windmills. While the elite-freaks enjoy limitless wealthy and power.

    Piss on the eco-freak–may he choke on his granola latte.

  2. I don’t know if Murphy Richards is still going but in his original incarnation this was one of the reasons he ceased activity. This is beyond satire – I think it was Priestley who said evil had a comic aspect…

  3. Bloke in Germany

    Quite. Just think of all the dolphin-strangling, polar bear-baking food miles in that tea!

    From now on, only cold water or, once a week, a Baldrick-style cappuccino.

  4. Is ‘destroy western civilisation’ merely a secondary aim, too trivial to make the list? What kind of ‘deal’ is it when I will have to pay extra for inconvenience? Has the meaning of ‘deal’ been changed since brexit?

  5. Rhoda Klapp

    You are under the illusion any of what Murphy advocates will be subject to your consent or choice. That’s an erroneous assumption – there will be no opposition allowed. It’s too important to allow for subjects to have any choice.

  6. “Put 7-Up in every water fountain.”

    “Every child gets a pony.”

    “Insure that every pop culture meme is implemented.”

    Love this one:

    ‘To encourage the building of new low and no-carbon housing to meet social need’

    600 square foot houses oughta do it.

  7. @Vanpatten

    The great Murphy Richards twitter account has been suspended for some time. I bet Ritchie complained about it.

  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    I have mentioned I was out and about whilst doing some thinking today. One of the things I was sketching out were the objectives of the Green New Deal. I came up with this.

    How long ago is it since he his bright idea of a Green New Deal? It must 3 years at least so why is only just getting round to “sketching” the objectives? Its almost like he came up with a slogan and more ways to tax and spend and now realises he needs to defend it.

    6 hours on a diesel train for a cup of tea – to save the planet.

    TBF the train was going there and even his fat arse wouldn’t make a jot of difference to the fuel consumption.

    But Pwllheli? I suppose a grim bastard like him feels at home in such a grim place.

  9. He didn’t just complain about it, he got the bloke fired for having done it. Or was that the previous round of it, the blog?

  10. Aren’t we going to cut a little slack for those precious souls who spend a good deal of their time thinking of ways to control the rest of us in the interest of saving the planet? Wearying work. A long train ride and a cup of tea is the least we can offer. But the train doesn’t have to come back does it?

  11. Single man who lives in a 4 bedroomed centrally heated house with a C energy rating (info from similar house for sale on the estate) with no solar panels/windmill and a floorplan of 1300 sq ft lectures others on living a zero carbon lifestyle and frugal housing ? Hypocite.

  12. Could be. I have rather not chased down hte name myself just because, well, I thought it was such a piggish thing of Murphy to do.

  13. ‘To encourage the building of new low and no-carbon housing to meet social need’

    Peasant huts for the peasants to shiver in. Murphy decides what their ‘needs’ are.

  14. It’s the sort of pointless wish list the left are always drawing up:

    All children to be educated as well as possible
    All people to have the chance to fulfill their potential
    Everyone to live happily ever after

    Fucking meaningless but designed so that as soon as you point out how meaningless it is, they can denounce you for not wanting children to be educated as well as possible.

  15. @Edward Lud June 9, 2019 at 6:05 pm

    It’s The Groan’s own rankings – Guardian Score/100

    1 point for each deplatformed speaker
    1 point for each woke policy
    1 point for each LGBTxyz student
    1 point for each “disadvantaged” student
    1 point for each “offensive”/”inappropriate” painting, statue, name, book, lecturer removed
    1 point for each wheelchair student on nonsense course eg BS Roof Slating/Tiling, Aerial Installation and Pylon Erection & Maintenance – a learn & do degree
    10 points for each RoP student
    100 points for each RoP lecturer


    Like NHS, outcomes irrelevant

    Next year University of Tower Hamlets will be No 1

  16. ‘To protect against habitat and biodiversity loss’
    Why the assumption that things are static, locally they have just dredgers a lake to keep it from silting up, yet there’s a information board nearby showing how these types of forest lakes become silted up and eventually disappear over time so humans are interfering with the natural cycle in this case.
    The recent decision not to go with M4 bypass around Newport mentioned. The environment and the Gwent levels. Having lived there I can say there’s long stretches of seawall and plenty of reens/drainage channels and right in the middle of it already is the Llanwern steel
    Works. So very much an environment that’s has already been shaped and changed and shown it’s resistance to large scale projects

  17. moqifen,

    It’s always other people at fault. Haven’t you noticed?
    It’s people who drive (more than I do). People who fly (more than I do).

    The fact that building, heating your home, and eating are the hugest contributors doesn’t register. Good people are still allowed to do that.

  18. Have you seen this lovely set of comments on that Murphy blog about Andrew Gambier’s expulsion. Truly Murphy is as thick as two short planks:

    Dr. Keith Crainshaw says:
    December 15 2016 at 12:34 pm

    Good news. I remember reading some of the commentary at the time and it was nasty stuff. Saying you couldn’t do basic accountancy like calculating dividends, calling you a union shill and suffering from some Dunning-Kruger disease.
    More power to you Richard.

    P Petain says:
    December 15 2016 at 3:39 pm

    I agree. You would think that somebody operating under the obligations of membership of a professional body would able to comply with just the basic requirements for treating others with courtesy and consideration, being honest and truthful, and avoiding making disparaging references to the work of others. Only a blithering idiot would struggle with what is essentially just being a decent human being.

    Dr. Keith Crainshaw says:
    December 16 2016 at 8:45 am

    You are right, and the fact that these people can’t see it in themselves means they are beyond help and should be ignored, or at least ridiculed.

    P Petain says:
    December 16 2016 at 1:21 pm

    I’m not sure the idiot in question would realise that he was being ridiculed.

  19. BF

    I think it was shortly after that he declared a ‘holiday for the trolls’ meaning he was utterly unable to recognise among others the reference to Petain so he blocked all comments even from the ‘gang of four’ – Horrocks, Reed, Dickie and Wilcox (Or ‘the four horsemen’) for a short while.

    I think one thing that studies of serial pathologists reveal is their innate lack of both intelligence and self – awareness.of their own limitations. There can be few better examples extant in public life today of this than Murphy.

  20. @ Bravefart
    You could have pointed out that “City” (actually Islington) University only gets 4.4 out of 10 for teaching (“value-added”) and its drop-out rate for first years is 11 times (ten times higher) that of Oxbridge. No-one gets 10 out of 10 (the range of results is from 2.9 to 7.5) but there are pretty few lower scores; Glasgow Caledonian, which is the “new university” in Scotland’s largest city so the natural comparator, gets 7; Aston the “new university” in England’s second largest city gets 7.5.
    It seems that the people who appointed Murphy are less interested in helping students than indoctrinating them

  21. some Dunning-Kruger disease.

    I was under the impression it was an ‘effect’ but I can accept that in Murphy’s case it is pathological enough to have become a disease.

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