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The academy’s not left wing at all

Imperial College professor issues ‘grovelling apology’ for promoting articles questioning transgender lobby

Been reading Stormfront again?

In another tweet cited by the students, which Prof Buitendijk has since deleted, she shared what she described as “a good piece on gender self identification and women’s rights” from the Spectator in October 2018.

The Spectator, now off limits to British academics. No, there’s no left wing bias here at all.

7 thoughts on “The academy’s not left wing at all”

  1. each successful intimidation emboldens them for the next one, and the Window shifts Left, Left, Left.

    It’s a massive open goal for a Tory leader with any brains and spine to calmly tap the ball into time after time, but the current Tory party is interested only in 50 yard own goals to please the opposition.

  2. The Tories have about as much life in them as a Norwegian Blue parrot, and are infiltrated with cultural Marxists who drown out the traditionally Conservative minority in Parliament while ignoring the voluntary party, 80% of whom support Brexit under WTO rules. These voters will not be impressed by the way the leadership contest is developing, with hopefuls falling over themselves to burnish their Brexit-blunting credentials. Resistance to the Left will come from the Brexit Party in the immediate future. Watch Peterborough. If, as expected TBP pick up their first MP, the game is on.

  3. Exactly Rob. That’s why I hope the tories disintegrate, as they thoroughly deserve to.
    Raab might do, if he gets through to the last round, but I fear the supine bovine so-called “one nation” Ruddite cult will block both him and Johnson from getting through and they end up with a Hunt/Gove run off.

  4. Normal is relative. Normal is what’s normal for you. The Left has determined that they are normal. All else are not just wrong, but defective.

    ‘No, there’s no left wing bias here at all.’

    That’s right. The Left is just what is.

  5. Knee jerk discrimination of The Spectator – Fraser Nelson editor thus “far right” journal

    Hmm, The Spectator has regular articles by Lefties eg
    Brendan O’Neil (Spiked ed)
    Rod Liddle
    Peston (BBC now ITV)
    iirc Paul Mason too

  6. Hate to spoil everyone’s fun, but this is an argument from authority.

    What matters in making this assessment is not the publisher, but the content of the article.

    Anyway, it’s the wrong assessment. All that matters is whether the article is right, wrong or somewhere in-between. Plus, hounding people out of their jobs, or trying to do so, because of their opinions is an abomination.

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