The bladder, on the other hand….

Drinking 25 cups of coffee a day ‘will not harm heart’

Certainly make me a bit jumpy though….

9 thoughts on “The bladder, on the other hand….”

  1. Does depend on the size of the cups, doesn’t it? Twenty five of those little espresso thimbles aren’t going to get you running for the can, often.
    My personal preference for coffee is made in the Greek way. Lashings of strong roast raised to boiling point three times in the pot to settle the grounds. Served in one of those double handled cups, purloined from Costa Coffee, holds about a pint. Find one of those just before bed helps me sleep. On the other hand, that does tend to coincide with dawn….

  2. ‘Researchers dismissed suggestions that too much caffeine consumption can cause arteries to stiffen as suggested by previous studies into its health effects.’

    I see what they are doing here. The problem isn’t coffee. The problem is studies. In five years, there will be a new study which says coffee is harmful.

    ‘The findings will be presented at the British Cardiovascular Society Conference, which starts on Monday in Manchester.’

    I’d have to drink 25 cups a day to stay awake.

  3. I’m not sure you can squeeze 25 cups of coffee in between the 4 cups of tea first thing in the morning and the first beer / G & T at 5 in the afternoon. I normally run at around a cup every half an hour which only gets me to about 17 cups.

  4. Dennis the Peasant

    Somebody wasted lots of time and good money on a PhD to end up with a research career like that one.

  5. “Caffeine is more deadly than plutonium though.”

    That’s next year’s study.

    Meanwhile . . . are eggs good or bad for you now?

    Eating chocolate okay?

    Studies are my bible. I don’t eat anything without checking the studies first.

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