The Guardian’s too left wing for the Communist Party

The Guardian’s website has been blocked in China,

Must be that, right? Can’t think of any other reason.

A more accurate point being that it’s actually true too. Chinese media doesn’t get to talk about local inequality – which is much higher than ours – for example.

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  1. Point of pride, mine was banned there too 🙂

    Not that obscure travelogues are likely to bring down the CCP, but every little helps …

  2. My business website was blocked, according to my HK clients whenever they crossed the border, and that’s simply far too small and niche to have been censored deliberately. Had no content that could possibly be deemed political either. My guess is it was part of a range block or it was flagged by an algorithm (for instance it was in WordPress and had a blog component).

    Actually on a trade law level, isn’t there an issue here potentially? If China cuts a trade deal with your country and you want to export there but your business website is blocked, that’s not ideal for getting clients. For someone like the Guardian it is even worse because displaying their website and accompanying advertising basically *is* what their business model in a country like China would be (they aren’t going to be flogging many of their extortionate “come to London to learn how to write polemic with Polly” courses there for example), though I presume foreign media gets short shrift when China negotiates its trade agreements.

  3. I rather like the Guardian nowadays , its funny how the alignment has changed. It used to be the Times Telegraph FT and Sun against the Guardian Mirror Independent and (pssst) much of the BBC.
    Now it is the Times FT and Guardian against the Telegraph Sun and Mirror with the BBC so desperate to save itself it has no values at all.
    The old left / right split is gone we now have a culture war mixed in with the old economic fault lines.

    Fully enough it looks a lot more European

  4. Bloke in Germany


    They will tell you to get a locally-hosted site. Even western corporate VPNs in China are great-firewalled, and it’s now illegal for the unwashed to use a VPN. They’ve thought about pretty much everything.

  5. @BiG

    Yes it makes a lot of sense, not least since if you’re serious about sales in China you may want a Chinese-language site (not necessarily if like me you sell services and only provide them in English anyway) and there might be some things like maps and placenames you want to differentiate (e.g. status of Taiwan) on your Chinese site. But still, for small firms or one-man-bands like me, it’s a pretty crappy trade barrier. I wouldn’t want to pay a web developer in every single country I’ve sold services to. In many cases it simply wouldn’t be worth the hassle.

  6. The Groan – Have Pity For Suzanne

    <a href=""If you have tears, prepare to shed them now. Who for? Why, for writer and journalist Suzanne Moore. The former grammar school girl from Ipswich has been having a really tough time of it for the past 27 years. Now she has told all to the Guardian

    Poor Suzanne wants us all to know how much she has suffered from having ‘children at state school for 27 years’. Her good news is that in just one more week she will be free. Her youngest is about to finish. Yippee! ‘I have done my time,’ she boasts.

    How wonderful to have lived a life where the greatest hardship you have endured has been having your offspring educated at taxpayers’ expense. That, and putting up with a few acquaintances defending their decision to go private by arguing that they just want the best for their children. For Suzanne that meant she had ‘to inhale the stench of . . . angsty hypocrisy’.

    There is plenty that is wrong with our schools, Suzanne, and much of it is a consequence of the misplaced Left-wing liberal idealism that you represent.

    Spare us your privileged sneering! Life can be a lot tougher than what you have witnessed and schooling can be a lot better, too. Try the independent sector or even claim educational asylum in a country such as Estonia or Vietnam.

    Sorry, no pity here; your type created this abomination.

  7. Yup it’s definitely blocked. Noticed the other day that only the front page but no articles would load, now nothing.

    Everyday it seems another site gets blocked. Was Wikipedia about a month ago.

    Need to renew my VPN subscription.

  8. Bloke in Germany

    There’s a certain smug satisfaction in seeing China doing to the Graun what the Graun does to a not insubstantial proportion of my comments on the Graun.

  9. Facepainter–no surprise that garbage like you is a Gladrag man. The traitors choice of fishwrap.

  10. @BiG
    I don’t (well, hardly ever) bother to comment on the Giradanu. The absence of a paywall means sensible comments get lost under a tidal wave of mania. A mate’s wife is a moderator there – now, that’s a job from hell!

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