Umm, Polly?

The public will have been struck by the revelation he earned £700,000 outside his parliamentary salary in less than a year: people don’t like politics to pay that well.

Think it was journalism that paid that well actually…..l

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  1. Tim Newman correctly made the point on his blog–and he should be saying it now but as he isn’t–this is the scummy left trying to use USA style Anti-Trump tactics against BoJo –ie he is the wife-beating, financial cheating Anti-Christ. Given that the Dems are soon to be campaigning 2020 on reparations for slavery –this is all to the good. The more loony the “mainstream” left gets the less chance the cunts have.

  2. Boris Derangement Syndrome, eh? What a time to be alive.

    Can’t Johnson keep out of the headlines even on the very night of his triumph in reaching the last stage of the Tory leadership contest?

    “Stop hitting yourself!”, taunts the playground bully.

    The press has decided BoJo is the second coming of Hitler, Mussolini, and Bernard Manning, so obviously it’s BoJo’s fault when they… ahem… “obtain” a tape of him arguing with his girlfriend, from neighbours who were so concerned about Carrie Symonds they used a recording device to spy on her and then immediately rushed it to the Guardian.

    an overwhelming majority of Tory party members, in the grip of no-deal mania […] two thirds of them willing to sacrifice absolutely everything and all of us just to get the Brexit phantasm of their wild imaginings.

    Everything and all of us! Project Fear has now slipped the surly bonds of Earth-based concerns and is now touching the many-eyed, non-Euclidian face of Lovecraftian insanity.

    It is only a matter of time before the Hounds of Tindalos come ravening through the angles of time to rend our mortal bodies and feast on our souls in the event that we leave the Common Fisheries Policy.

    The fabric of reality itself will unravel before us in an orgy of cosmic violence as No Deal Brexit dissolves not only Britain’s membership of the Single Market, but the subatomic coherence of baryonic matter as merciless entropy devours all of Creation and Wales.

    Mark Field’s ludicrously aggressive treatment of a peaceful female protester was a shocker

    Remember, bigots, you should see the funny side of someone throwing milkshakes at you in public, or joking on national television about burning your flesh with acid, but a man escorting out a strong-and-independent woman who tried to disrupt an event she wasn’t invited to is shocking.

  3. I no longer bother with the Guardian, not even the sport, but The Sunday Times yesterday devoted its first five pages to desperate hysterical frothing about Boris.

    The main effect on me is that it actually makes me feel warmer towards Trump. I am less familiar with US politics but I KNOW the shite spouted about Boris is utterly without merit.

  4. Polly’s obviously not impressed by the size of his stipend. (An idea for Rocco’s next offering, perhaps.)

  5. If I walked into a Greenpeace meeting and complained about their use of piracy would a woman grabbing me be charged by the police?

  6. I’ve always been confused by BoJo’s astronomical journalism salary. Are suns like that really normal? Or is someone doing him a favour? Because it doesn’t look like a sensible business model in these dead tree press days

  7. @Oblong
    I think 6-figure sums are considered normal for ‘star’ columnists, the sort who can significantly increase sales by putting their name under the masthead. Whether that can be commercially justified and, if so, for how much longer, is anyone’s guess.

  8. No Deal Brexit will result in fission of nonradioactive material. The entire globe will explode. We’ll all top the wind-swept heights.

  9. IIRC doesn’t he get £250,000 or so for his Twlegraph column and the rest is for public speaking? So it’s not all journalism?

  10. I only get the Grun on Saturdays, and originally it was just for the TV guide, the crosswords, to keep an eye on the print news, and to spot if my letters got published, chucking away everything else. For some time now I’ve been chucking the TV guide, never get around to the crossword, and only read Pedanticus. I’ve now got a postal susbscription to 2000AD, so I have no reason to keep my newsagent Saturday delivery, so it’s to be eliminated from my spending.
    My newsagent has mentioned he’s looking to retire soon, so I don’t feel any qualms at taking some of his business away.

    I shall watch from the sidelines as they whittle their inheritance away. I’m sure they’ve got C.P.Scott wired up to generators, that’s the only explanation for the content they put out.

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