Well, maybe

The emails were written between 2016 and 2017 and included private messages from the mother of a nine-year-old. Her son, she said, had fully transitioned from girl to boy but was not coping — fighting fellow pupils, stealing from his parents and in emotional turmoil.

Maybe Mummy didn’t realise quite what boys are like…..

To insist upon this in all instances would be going too far but there is definitely an element out there of normal male/boy behaviour being described as aberrant, isn’t there?

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  1. Yes, but 9 year old boys are usually into wholesome mischief: stealing conkers, pirating Jet Set Willy, setting Gnasher on Walter the Softy, that sort of thing.

    “Emotional turmoil” is a huge red flag in any pre-pubescent non-toddler, but not really unexpected when a little girl is being raised as the sex she isn’t.

    Ethically it’s not much different to the Kennedys having their healthy, rebellious daughter undergo a transorbital lobotomy and turned into a drooling cretin. The lawsuits over this tranny fad are going to enrich lawyers for decades to come.

    As a famous rabbi once said:

    But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

    To think, in a more innocent age, it was just shouty, pudding-withholding Scottish teachers we had to exhort to leave them kids alone. Now it’s the entire bloody world.

  2. ‘Fully transitioned…’. At 9 years old?

    What. The. Fuck.

    It can’t mean hormones ‘n’ bits being whipped out ‘n’ stitched on, at that age.

    I’ve not read the article (yet), but it’s the parents that are mentally ill I would think.

  3. In a decade people are going to look back at this appalling scandal and you won’t find a single person in authority who will admit to supporting it, even though today you won’t find a single person in authority who will speak against it.

    The greasy, spineless mob will escape, as usual.

  4. A spokesman (?) said ‘…we are curious as to how someone found the group without prior knowledge of its existence.’

    The group that’s been in the news increasingly for the past couple of months, as it pushes its agenda and hoovers up taxpayer money? Hmmm. Yes, a real puzzle.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    In years to come not only will lawyers be making a fortune, as Steve says, but physiatrists will also by treating a form of Munchausen‘s Syndrome by proxy.

  6. “‘Fully transitioned…’. At 9 years old?

    What. The. Fuck.”

    Absolutely spot on. The world’s gone completely mad….

  7. I’ve got a feeling over the next 5 years, the penny is going to drop on “the charity sector”.

  8. i doubt when Philip Larkin wrote “They fuck you up your Mum and Dad ” he quite had this in mind.

  9. Absolutely spot on. The world’s gone completely mad….

    No, only our cultural and political elite, who are in the grip of a collective insanity. Normal people are perfectly sensible about all this, which is why the elite despise them, of course, as “right wing”.

  10. Well it’s father’s Day today, and despite my best efforts, it looks like my two kids are growing up to be happy, intelligent, well balanced individuals.
    I’d like to think it’s cause of my awesome dad powers, but really, I don’t think it’s that difficult for ordinary people to bring up well adjusted kids.
    What is it with these people that is so fucked up that they have to destroy their own children’s lives?
    Have they never taken a step back and thought that maybe, just maybe, doing irreversible things to your kids at that age is just wrong?

  11. >In a decade people are going to look back at this appalling scandal and you won’t find a single person in authority who will admit to supporting it, even though today you won’t find a single person in authority who will speak against it.

    Correct. Progressives leave a mess in every era, and then the next generation of progressives blames the right for it.

  12. Tomboys fight as well, so that might not be the result of transitioning. Stealing is gender-biased because it mirrors the extent to which parents say “yes” whenever a girl asks but “no” to a boy.
    Emotional turmoil very likely a result of transitioning.

  13. Never mind the emails, every person working for this deeply sinister organisation ought to be behind bars.

  14. It’s a real pity that humans can’t genuinely choose their sex, or have it change sequentially through life, like in a number of other species. Those species, at least, do have the benefit generally of looking repulsive, with perhaps the exception of the clownfish (as in Finding Nemo). If the film had portrayed the species correctly, Nemo would perhaps have returned home to find that his father had become female.

    As to why people wish to pretend that they aren’t the sex they were born into, one can adduce several reasons. In the past, we had women dressing up as men, or writing under male pseudonyms, basically to lay claim to some of the perceived social advantages of being male. After all, it turns out that Joan of Arc was eventually burnt at the stake by the French for wearing trousers (see ‘1000 years of annoying the French’ for a tongue-in-cheek account of this). In the literary field we have George Elliot and the Bronte-as-Bell business, and even in The Famous Five, one character is mentally and sartorially FTM transgendered.

    Women’s clothing is attractive visually and in a tactile sense, but I prefer it on a woman who is youngish, fit and good looking (or, I might add, on the back of a chair where is was put by a female person of the above description before getting into the adjacent bed to wait for me to give her a great time – chance would be a fine thing!). Add to that, one might self-declare to be a transsexual lesbian, which gives one access to women of a dykeish tendency, otherwise not accessible by the male (unless one is Chris Huhne, who may well be a liar, but who successfully ‘turned’ a lesbian!).
    Then again, it is fairly obvious that women can, and do, get away with murder, so there is an incentive for would be homicidal maniac to change sex before, or if that isn’t possible, after starting on a murder spree. The evidence on the TV is that Villanelle can combine being attractive, sexy, fashionable and insanely homicidal, which no doubt influences young minds. Apart from the occasional stabbing, she’s quite successful at getting away with it.

    However, it transpires that most post-operative trans people have a bigger chance of ending up badly-dressed, old and ugly (which makes me immediately think of Jo Brand for some inexplicable reason) than anything else.

  15. Bloke in North Dorset

    I couldn’t bear ploughing through the article, but on case it doesn’t mention it, Mermaids have been used by the police to train them in Trans issues.

  16. No doubt unicorns, fairies & werewolves are equally instructive. Plod gets more like a graphic novel poorly adapted for TV every day.

  17. Chris Huhne, who may well be a liar, but who successfully ‘turned’ a lesbian!

    [cough] Beard [cough]

  18. Mermaids have been used by the police to train them in Trans issues

    Like how they get jihadis to train them on Islamic issues?

  19. BiND has it right, Munchausen’s Syndrome by proxy – ie at best mentally ill and sometimes sadistic cvnts.

    I hope to be alive to see the Nuremberg trials for the parents, medics, social work professionals (sic), lawyers, politicians etc who were responsible for the chemical, hormonal and physical butchery of unformed young people in the name of “compassionate” reassignment of sex to match gender.

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