A light amusement

Leonard Cohen with Marianne Ihlen:


Triviality I know but it’s the bloke riding sidesaddle, the women astride (??). Given external genitalia arrangements this might even be sensible…..

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  1. Ah, Leonard Cohen. Music to cut your own throat by. Difficult to build up a fan-base, though.

  2. Those same arrangements also give a far more basic reason for man-spreading, that favorite accusation of feminists everywhere.

    Gaining weight also puts pressure where it matters.

  3. @BiS
    Yes, never understood the attraction. Can’t sing, the tunes are all pretty samey, and the poetry would make a McGonagall blush. See also under Dylan, Bob.

  4. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    Can’t see from the photo, but he might be wearing a skirt, which will explain it. Or a kilt, one of the McCohen clan.

    I’d have hated to have been at a Bar Mitzvah where he was performing…

  5. Chris Miller
    I’ve never warmed to Dylan but several times over the years I have come across a decent song performed by someone else which is new to me and wondered who wrote it. Looked it up and it was Dylan. For my money he really doesn’t do his own compositions any favours.

  6. Alan Douglas
    I suspect that the different construction of men and women’s hips has more to do with spreading than genitalia. Men tend to have narrow hips so their legs, for stability and comfort are likely to spread out, especially if the man hasn’t got stick-thin thighs. Women have wider hips to ease child bearing so I suspect that it is also easier for them to sit with parallel or even inwardly angled thighs.
    If I’m sitting in a narrow seat with people either side I always press my legs together (because I’m not a completely inconsiderate git), but it is never comfortable and requires conscious effort. I would also never naturally cross my legs for the same reason, whereas many women, but few men, do this from preference.

  7. On Cohen, when I were but a young lad I thought his music was music to commit suicide to, so dark and miserable it seemed.

    But the recent stuff is much different and quite lovely, tho the words can still be stark.

    Have a listen to his live concerts in London and in Dublin.

  8. He has had successes. Hallelujah has sold 5 million CDs and being covered by 300 (!) singers. And IMHO that is not his best; it’s a bit ‘rinse and repeat, Jeremy-Vine-I-can-Emote emotion’. A lot of his C21 work is good.

  9. Not A light amusement

    Instagram Censoring

    Video Shows How Instagram Bans Donald Trump Jr. From Receiving ‘Likes’ ON ANY POST

    This censorship on SM is ludicrous and Orwellian

    It’s also an admission by Zuck et al that Left are so incompetent they can’t build sufficient support for their preferences, policies etc

  10. Not that familiar with Cohen’s oeuvre, apart from the ones everyone knows, but Dylan has written some superb songs.

    30 years ago he could sing them too…

  11. Regarding unconventional seating arrangements, I am reminded of the quite possibly apocryphal story about a wedding photo of a couple where the man was seated, and the woman standing. It had been taken the morning after the wedding night. The explanation was that he was hung like a stallion and she’d been a virgin, and the activities of the night had been such that he couldn’t stand up, and she couldn’t sit down!

  12. If anyone would consider cutting their own throat simply through listening to music, then I think they should be encouraged to do so.

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