A tentative solution

Theatre staff have called for abusive members of the audience to be thrown out of venues in response to growing levels of aggressive behaviour.

Front of house staff in some of the country’s most famous theatres are reporting an increasing amount of unacceptable behaviour by audiences, ranging from verbal abuse to outright physical confrontation.

Why not put on better plays?

10 thoughts on “A tentative solution”

  1. This was running around as a story a few weeks back. I think it is more at the ‘musical theatre’ end of things that this tends to happen most.

  2. Well, the luvvies aren’t above making political statements, both in content & presentation. That’s bound to piss off some section of the audience. I think of the actor in ‘Hamilton’ having a go at Trump, just because he had a captive audience.

  3. The Meissen Bison

    Why not put on better plays AND require actors not to stray from their chosen line of work.

  4. ’Evan Garrett, a dance tutor who worked front of house at various venues, said: “Any issues of aggression I encountered came from white, middle-class patrons both male and female. For me it stems from a feeling of entitlement and superiority.”’


  5. Or stop public subsidies for plays. It only encourages them to put on shows that don’t sate the public.

  6. Any issues of aggression I encountered came from white, middle-class patrons both male and female

    White middle-class people at the theatre?!! Say it ain’t so!

  7. Isn’t one of the problems people using their mobiles, chatting, noisy food etc ie inconsiderate, no manners behaviour?

    Don’t see point of Guardigraph article, theatre can expel/ban anyone they want – tip: don’t provide a reason, restrict it to “We don’t want you on our premises”

    Yes: end state funding of “the arts” and abolish the DCMS – aka Ministry of Fun

    As for Cumberbitch type political lectures – I very noisily leave seat and slowly walk out

  8. “Employees have a *right* to carry out their duties . . . free from abuse . . . ”

    There are some words they never quite do get, do they?

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