Always believe the accuser

Revealed: how Carl Beech, the serial child abuse accuser, became the accused

Hmm, yes, well. We should, of course, always, but always, believe the accuser. For who would ever make up stories of sexual abuse or assault?

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  1. Riffing on the same theme, here’s a new front opened up in feminism’s war on due process for men:

    Putting aside that they’re only victims if there’s a successful prosecution, this is stupid in its own terms because defence advocates, at least until they’re banned from doing so, will ask complainants about the content of their phones, they’ll be told I did not have to give it to the police, so there! And then they can address the jury in closing on the basis of, “members of the jury, my client’s case is that the complainant texted her friend the the morning after to tell him it was the best sex she ever had, and that the friend told him of this but, members of the jury, the friend has refused to assist police and the complainant refuses to hand over her phone.

    “What, members of the jury, does she have to hide?”

  2. Of course, it was always a possibility that the jury would not convict Beech. That would have set the cat amongst the pigeons …

  3. It was obvious Beech was lying from the moment he claimed Ted Heath and Harvey Proctor were in the same room while he was abused. Anyone who knows anything about 70s and 80s Tory politics knows that’s less plausible than the idea that Churchill and Hitler were regular bridge partners. The fact the Met failed to pick that up is grounds for a serious enquiry.

  4. Anna Raccoon justly vindicated. Pity she isn’t still around to see it.

    Let’s see how loud the calls are for a public enquiry into this farrago.

  5. But how did it get to this point?

    Gee, let’s think. The BBC and the Guardian treating his every utterance as being true until proven false, because it was politically useful for them? The Met descending to absurd levels of witless credulity, for reasons only they know?

    The worst part is, the next time someone like this comes along the same thing will happen and everyone will pretend the previous one never happened.

  6. Women’s hour are discussing rape, false allegations, the shocking culture around rape and sexual abuse allegations etc etc etc.
    I’ve turned off cos it’s just so bad for the blood pressure.

    Mr Lud.
    Hadn’t thought of it like that before – amazing how complainants are routinely called victims by the BBC etc as a matter of course.

  7. Jeebus.
    They’ve just said that women who are charged with a false allegation of rape should keep anonymity. WTF.
    No mention of anonymity for male defendants but of course all women should keep theirs in all circumstances.

  8. Maybe I should treat accusations of sexual abuse by famous men the way I treat the playing of the race card i.e. as strong evidence of a weak case dishonestly made.

  9. “Mr Lud.
    Hadn’t thought of it like that before – amazing how complainants are routinely called victims by the BBC etc as a matter of course.”

    I once complained to the BBC after a “rape victim” was interviewed on some radio program. The woman in question hadn’t even gone to the police with her allegation.

    Got nowhere with my complaint of course.

  10. @Jimmers

    I echo Edward Lud. I can’t listen to the BBC any more. It’s smug superiority and PC morality is nauseating. At least the presenters on Talk Radio are open about their bias

  11. When we read about Hoover’s FBI, or Epstein’s honey traps, we’re told that the Establishment has lots of dirt on politicians and can therefore blackmail them into doing what it wants.

    Yet the Met police, which you’d think would have a bundle of dirt on politicians, TV personalities, and journalists, turns out to be a spineless creature pursuing whatever PC agenda the politicians, the Beeb and the Guardian demand of it. Why so?

  12. The “victims phone’s ” bit doubtless relates to Saunders of the CPS. Whose cop pals had “victims” phones filled with lots of messages to the accused of the “last night was so wonderful” variety weeks and months after the alleged dates of the alleged life and soul destroying rapes these females claimed to be victims of. Unless it is usual for female “victims” to not only continue having sex with their supposed attackers but to send them next day compliments on their performance–the emails/texts etc were clear evidence the “rape” was nothing more than female pique about being dumped after giving their all.

    Saunders tried to keep these communications away from the defence which–combined with classic courtroom female blubbering–would have sent the accused males innocent to jail. Luckily the bitch failed. But was allowed to piss off on a pension. Amazing what being Treason May’s bum marx-fem chum can do to protect you from the law isn’t it?

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