An unfortunate truth about South Africa

Ask the average South African to explain the malaise of their country’s economy and they are likely to point to one of the most gripping dramas ever broadcast on local television.

Day after day for the best part of a year, a judicial inquiry into state corruption has heard jaw-dropping testimony about the scale of the rot that spread through South African politics under Jacob Zuma, the president until last year.

Witnesses have detailed the ease with which companies and powerful individuals corrupted the system to win state contracts and plunder big national champions from South African Airways to Eskom, the troubled state electricity monopoly.

There was a grouping – a groupuscule perhaps – which worried about the transfer of power in South Africa. Not a great dela, as it was far away and all that, knowing nothing of it. I’d count myself as being part of that grouping as well – one of the reasons it might be better described as a groupuscule as I rarely have opinions that are widely enough shared to constitute a group.

The concern wasn’t about the transfer of power to blacks. Or to the democratic majority. It was about which group of blacks we thought likely to gain power. Not specifically even Zuma but that someone like him and his compadres would.

Turns out we weren’t wrong either.

15 thoughts on “An unfortunate truth about South Africa”

  1. Just thank God that F. W. de Klerk had the sense to get rid of the nukes before he ended apartheid.

  2. If only they’d looked at the other countries in Africa where power had been transferred and had been an enormous success, and had followed their example.

  3. South Africa would be in a much better positioned if there hadn’t been so many state owned assets (infrastructure, transport, arms manufacturing) to parcel out among friends and family. They were hugely ineffecient under apartheid, an employment scheme for poor whites. This was Mandela’s failure, to sell them off so they could be modernised, their staff and pension obligations pruned. Instead they were taken o=er by the cadres of well connected locusts and became more useless, more bloated, unable to deliver.

  4. “The concern wasn’t about the transfer of power to blacks.”

    Eh, it probably should’ve been, since every black-dominated society on the planet is a festering shithole.

  5. Not wrong. But was there a better option? Perhaps people need to be free to make their own mistakes.

  6. Bloke in Germany in Lugano


    Bit optimistic to imagine a communist selling off state assets, isn’t it?

  7. Isn’t the concept of Wakanda itself racist? The only reason it’s not the shithole it pretends to be, like all of its neighbours, is because it’s the only source of vibranium and the king ate some plant that gives him superpowers.

  8. Isn’t the concept of Wakanda itself racist?

    @Dongguan John – You’ll never be a cup bearer of the woke left with that attitude young man! It’s only racist when white people do it.

    Do try and keep up.

  9. I’m surprised top blue-haired woke scientists haven’t yet decided Wakanda is Deeply Problematic and possibly even Not Okay, what with it being a patriarchal monarchy where authority is based on violence and where refugees are decidedly unwelcome. Tho as John says, it’s only raciss when wypipo do stuff.

    The best African country is the one Eddie Murphy came from in COMING TO AMERICA.

    Prince Akeem: Good morning, my neighbors!
    Subway Guy: Hey, fuck you!
    Prince Akeem: [genuinely happy] Yes, yes! Fuck you too!

  10. The best African country is the one Eddie Murphy came from in COMING TO AMERICA.

    That. Better accents than Wakanda to boot.

  11. @ Steve
    Some of us, a bit older and wiser than young Tim, were concerned that the ANC was controlled by SACP (the South African Communist Party), and that almost every Communist-controlled government everywhere and everywhen was evil and, incidentally, corrupt.
    Mandela was the front for the SACP since he belonged to Xhosa Royalty. When he was elected president he did a bit to give blacks and democracy a chance but not enough – Mbeki denied the existence of AIDS and Zuma was just as corrupt as the average commie (more so than Gorbachev)

  12. I’d count myself as being part of that grouping as well

    Me too, but like Steve “black festering shithole”, I knew disaster, corruption, violence and poverty would be result.

    Zuma – at least he was open and “honest” about his corruption and self-enrichment. Sadly, Lefties refuse to see, hear or speak.

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