Better be quick, he needs the money by September

The Corporate Accountability Network is a new idea. I am unashamedly looking for support, sponsorship and funding. If society is to be protected; accounts are to be meaningful; the local economy is to be promoted and people are to trade with each other with confidence then we need better data for the benefit of everyone. I am keen to hear from those who share that view.

A des res in Ely doesn’t pay for itself. Therefore sums equivalent to a full professorship are sought before staff are thought of…..

13 thoughts on “Better be quick, he needs the money by September”

  1. The current system has evolved over maybe 1000 years – accounting, legal and governance structures, financial systems enabling secure and reliable funds transfers etc. For most people, it would be difficult to conceive of how to start again from the ground up. The Bolsheviks tried in the USSR and look what happened to them – they seem to have invented that horrific thing state/crony capitalism or regulated theft.

    For Captain Potato, however, nothing is unthinkable. From a shabby house in Ely a new age dawns and a podgy accountant starts to shamble into glory

  2. So, with any luck, October it’s outside Waitrose, Ely with a plastic cup & a dog on a string. Hope it’s a cold wet autumn

  3. ‘If society is to be protected’

    Sounds like a threat.

    I hope he’s just talking about England. Will we Americans be okay if we don’t send him money?

  4. Murphy “The result is that more than ninety per cent of companies can now file almost meaningless statements on the public record and still comply with their statutory duties.”

    Utter bollocks.

    Because one of a company’s statutory duties is to file accounts and a tax return with HMRC. And they will be detailed statements. Given to those who need to know the details.

  5. Detailed public accounts are fine but those lengthy pages about the directors’ pay benefit whom, exactly? Of course competitors would love more detail about your suppliers and margins but why should the government coerce you to do that? Really just about all you need to know about a company before you do business with it is how well it is funded and whether it pays its bills on time, which can be found in even the most abbreviated statutory accounts despite what Potato says. Obviously, the modern slavery statement is the most important part of any regulatory filing. Just how bad would it make you feel if Greggs did not make their modern slavery declaration?

  6. Looks like he’s registered another domain this year

    On his accountability web-site he says “We are open to offers of support funding and sponsorship from appropriate sources.”
    I’m tempted to send in a fake offer from the Harare Foundation to fund his research – might make it conditional into looking int applying a CO2 tax to imports from countries that don’t have one and aviation. Or something. And say I can only offer 500,000 dollars over 3 years. That’s Zim Dollars of course.

  7. @ Bongo
    Sounds a fine time for the Nigerian Minister for Overseas Development to leap into action with a $250,000,000 grant. Please supply bank details..

  8. ‘plus all those in civil society who interact with a company in whatever way they might judge appropriate.’

    What kind of person would put this together?

    Who would be arrogant enough to arrogate themselves as an arbiter of what’ civil society’ might judge to be appropriate?

    To me the very idea he advocates is basically an NGO/ busybodies charter – and a statutory way for people like himself, who have far too much time on their hands and who are living embodiments of the maxim relating to the devil and idle hands, to cause maximum disruption to the productive parts of the economy on whom we all depend.

    The man’s hubris is simply beyond parody. The sooner he is on a one way flight to Pyongyang the better for us all, although one might well ask what the North Koreans have ACTUALLY done to deserve that fate….

  9. VP, his approach is fascist, in that he sees a strong, autocratic central government controlling a private economy.

    BUT!, he is different from Hitler and Mussolini, who sought to improve the lives of their citizens – to make the trains run on time. Murphy’s motive is simply incidious – “to cause maximum disruption to the productive parts of the economy.” He’s not trying to help, he’s trying to fvckover the people.

    It used to be that only Democrats could get away with saying such destructive things in public as Murphy.

  10. BUT, it must be tax free income. Would hate to break the habit of a lifetime and have to pay some…

  11. “Obviously, the modern slavery statement is the most important part of any regulatory filing. ”

    Slightly OT but am I the only person throwing things at the radio when it was reported that ‘Britains largest modern slavery ring’ discovered? When its entirely created by Poles, both as slavemasters and slaves? What the f*ck has it to do with Britain, or rather Britons, other than it happened here? You might as well say the Blitz was ‘Britains largest urban demolition project’ or Auschwitz was ‘Polands largest genocide’.

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