Boris and Jo were out celebrating the ascension, obviously

Pair of blondes hunted by police after woman’s nose was broken on night out

4 thoughts on “Boris and Jo were out celebrating the ascension, obviously”

  1. Knowing more than the last few chancellors isn’t really a high bar

    See Jo Swinson says she wouldn’t honour the result of a second referendum if Leave won, she’s much to honest for a politician let alone party leader

  2. @Pcar July 24, 2019 at 7:03 pm

    Comment retracted after research. Hope he & BoJo run UK as a profit making business

    However, 20,000 more Facebook/Twitter police and Gov’t “Fibre broadband for all” not a great start.

    We don’t need more “social worker/state censor” police, we need real police who prevent and solve crimes


    ASA & Electoral Commission should ban Lib Dems from using “Democrats” in their name.

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