Congratulations Honey – you might now be an adult

I learned I could do my job and not feel ashamed of having a baby
As a freelancer, I struggled to separate my work from my duties as a parent – until I realised that the two could exist side by side

What does anyone think mothers have been doing this past 100,000 years?

Sure, the baby’s not a side issue, it’s the point of it all. But it has always required the labour of two to raise the human race. That’s why pair bonding and all the rest of it.

9 thoughts on “Congratulations Honey – you might now be an adult”

  1. “Suddenly, the internalised, patriarchal stupidity of what I was doing hit me.”.
    you were used to working without kid, you weren’t sure if you could make it work with one. Lure of money and career and prestige and self worth, and externalised buzzwords made you think “how hard can it be?” Turned out its possible, different but possible. Now need to see what 2 kids, 3, 4 kids do to the equation.

    ooh and Tim… better keep this for the next zero hours hoo ha from the G.
    “I am in the incredibly privileged position of being able to work as a freelancer….”

  2. Depends on the job, obviously. Freelance journalist doing genteel interviews, fine. War correspondent, not at all. The BBC’s Lyse Doucet is childless, CNN’s Christiane Amanpour has just one child, born when she was 42. Women can do most jobs as well as men; but some careers are self-evidently more child-friendly than others.

  3. Such is the sheer narcissism of these people, you always get the feeling they are doing something, or enduring something never seen before, by anyone, rather than the banal reality that millions have been there, done it and yawn.

  4. The feminist obsession with “work”* continues.

    Really grips my shit. Work sucks, and not in a good way. The vast majority of men hate their jobs, and only do them because they have people depending on them not to starve. If we could have fully automated luxury gay space communism tomorrow, I’d be all for it.

    So which evil genius put the idea in wymminses’ pretty little heads that wage-slaving for a corporation that doesn’t give a fuck if you drop dead on the job (beyond the obvious insurance and elfin safety inconvenience that would cause them) is “liberation”?

    Why does Nell Frizell want to take time away from her baby to share such pearls as Neat pubic hair? Pregnant women should never be pressured to get a brazilian?

    Babies don’t stay babies for very long, you know.

    (*As long as it’s not dangerous, dirty, or inconvenient work, men can keep those jobs)

  5. Steve,

    It allows them to buy more *stuff* that they *need*.

    Mrs BoM4 was never much of an earner, so when BoM4 jrs came along, we did the sums and worked out it wasn’t worth her working. After childcare costs, she’d make less than £1/hr.

    The thing no-one realises is how much going to work *costs* when you have kids and a woman works. Not just that she generally expects a good wardrobe (why?) and a new shiny car, but things like childcare, hiring a cleaner. These crappy chain restaurants that are full on a Friday night selling cardboard pizza are women giving themselves a reward. They’ve worked all week, so they’re going to go to dinner. There’s £100 of your wages blown though, love.

    On the upside, you get things like proper family meals, the kids are properly looked after. My wife also spent time on the kids hobbies like teaching them to knit and being a guide leader.

    The downsides? We holiday in France rather than Florida. We drive shitty cars. I put in longer days at work to earn a bit more. But I think it’s better for the kids.

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