Some 74% are girls who wish to be boys (and who in previous years would have rejoiced in being tomboys). Why?

The academic Joanna Williams has one possible answer: “Turning trans is a surefire way for girls to achieve the moral beatification doled out to victims. Sadly, this seems to be a very enticing prospect for many teenage girls.”

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  1. As the blogfather has said, you can make a sound case for patriarchy based purely on what women themselves have to say.

  2. This says a lot about the concept of victimhood. Previously, a victim of some unfortunate event would get short term sympathy, but the expectation would be to get over it & move on, with whatever residual blight. Nowadays being a victim is a long-term state of being, with an expectation of long-term sympathy to go with it.

  3. I can’t read Rod’s article (paywall), but the Spiked article by Joanna Williams is free and bad for your blood pressure:


    As The Times reports, over half of all the children seen by the Tavistock are now under the age of 14. The number of 13-year-olds referred in the past year rose by 30 per cent to 331, while the number of 11-year-olds is up by 28 per cent. The youngest patients were just three years old.

    Unlike our barbaric ancestors of about 50 years ago, who believed giving mild electric shocks to adult gay men would change their sexual orientation, our enlightened doctors now put toddlers who’ve just learned to say “Mummy” on a track towards permanent surgical genital mutilation to change their sex. Progress!

    Three quarters of children who want help to change their gender are now girls – the highest proportion ever recorded. […] The disparity between the proportion of boys and girls wanting to change gender exposes the myth put about by trans activists that we have an innate sense of gender identity in the brain.

    True. We know the vast majority of adult transgenderers are still adult males who do it because they have an autogynephile fetish which has consumed their identity.

    Digression: Paraphilia, it seems to me, are exactly like substance abuse. Over time you need MOAR to get the same thrill you previously got from a mere couple of pints or trying on the wife’s knickers or whatever. It’s why George Best ruined his second liver and why Tory MP’s occasionally get found dead with a pair of stockings tied around their neck and an orange stuffed up their bumhole…

    Dopamine is literally one Hell of a drug, and it’s astonishing that modern society has contrived to paint people who would discourage addiction as The Bad Guys. Giving girlypills to a 40 year old father who now wants to be a laaayyydeee is no different to giving a piss-soaked tramp a bottle of Vodka every day. It’s the opposite of helping, and the prognosis in both cases is early death. End digression

    If transgender was real, you would expect a similar percentage of males and females claiming to suffer from it in all age ranges.

    But they don’t, because MtF is primarily about sexual gratification in adults, while the children being lured into this evil pseudoscientific cult have entirely different reasons – victim-chasing, as Joanna notes, but also Munchausen syndrome by proxy on the part of the mothers (it’s always the mother).

    What to do, then? As a Christian (some of you excellent people are not, but bear with) I think of what Jesus told us:

    But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea</i

    This, it seems to me, contains an eternal truth even if we don't believe in the man from Galilee. Can I get an 'Amen'?

  4. “Nowadays being a victim is a long-term state of being, with an expectation of long-term sympathy to go with it.”

    And money. Victimhood is a career now.

  5. Absolutely agree about the victimhood beatification but I suspect there might be an element which is an unintended consequence of modern identity politics.
    If feminists are always banging on about “male privilege” then it’s not really surprising if some girls would want some of that illusory benefit.

  6. The reason why increasing numbers of girls seek the victimhood of tranniedom could be that their whining feminist mothers and teachers are convincing them that being female is undesirable, but the young girls don’t want to let go of the element of victimhood in feminism. So, voila!, a trannie victim is the thing to be. And feminist indoctrination has backfired.

  7. Don’t worry, once the backlash begins the people advocating this will just blame something else (Patriarchy, capitalism, whatever) and the media will happily erase any mention of their involvement.

  8. But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me…

    Now if Jesus had played the white man he’d have offered protection to all the little ones.

  9. I wonder, if the tomboyish girls are taken out of the classification ‘girls’ altogether we’re likely to get an increasing feminisation of “girl”. At that point it becomes a self fulfilling prophesy, as people who fall far from the new ‘mean’ feel there’s something wrong.

  10. Bloke in North Dorset

    Having listened to Deirdre McCloskey and a few other genuine trans people talk about it I’m happy trans is real and we should treat the genuine cases with sympathy and support. The problem is it’s also:

    1. Become fashionable and we know how young girls love fashion. As Newmania points out above, we no longer send children down mines or even n to factories even if they want to go because we don’t think they have enough intelligence and wisdom to make informed decisions and the same goes with these girls. No treatment until they are 18.

    2. Attracted any number of perverts, trolls and genuinely sick bastards. Not much we can do with these people unless they break the law, but what we shouldn’t do is pander to them. These are the ones making the most noise so fairly easy to spot.

    3. Appears to have attracted a number of mothers who have a form of Munchausen’s syndrome by proxy. I don’t know what we do with them but I’m sure their children will exact revenge in the future.

  11. PJF – If Jesus Christ came back tomorrow he’d be in court by Friday on charges of hate speech.

  12. @JS, There was an article recently (can’t remember where now, although I think Sargon covered it) whereby FtM transgenders realised that actually, male privilege is a myth once they started to be treated as men.

  13. If Jesus Christ came back tomorrow he’d be in court by Friday on charges of hate speech.

    Not for drowning everyone in the whole world and other crimes against humanity?

  14. Wat – “Not for drowning everyone in the whole world”

    That was his Dad, though maybe the concept of the Holy Trinity means aiding and abetting applies? We’d need to consult a lawyer, but I’m pretty sure they all work for Satan.

    John – “And “Practising medicine without a licence””


  15. Doesn’t help that when discussing sexuality they include a big section on trans, so a girl who may think her feelings for other girls because she’s gay gets told at the same time she could be also be a boy not a girl, not being entirely rational at that age they can jump to if I like girls maybe I’m a boy.
    I tend to think the gender stuff can be discussed at a later date than the sexuality stuff

  16. “we should treat the genuine cases with sympathy and support”

    You mean the mentally ill blokes who genuinely believe they are women, rather than the narcissistic weirdos?

    I agree they need sympathy and help, but I do not agree they need medical mutilation.

    I had an uncle who was a paranoid schizophrenic and his delusions were utterly, terrifyingly real to him, but they were still delusions.

    Treating his illness by trying to make reality match his delusions would be just sadism. Treating gender dysphoria with surgery is not far off that.

  17. Bloke in Germany


    Also 1 count of criminal damage, 1 count of instigating the largest fraud in the history of the planet, and several billion counts of eternal torture.

  18. @ BiG
    The counts of eternal torture are only chargeable if the count of fraud is utterly false AND your misreadings of the Bible are accepted by the illiterate judge. The Bible mentions an eternal fire that burns up the unrepentant but it does that in a fraction of a second – the *fire* is eternal, not the burning process.

    Criminal damage – dubious: did the Romans have a law against overturning the tables? Maybe a civil action under Victorian legislation against restraint of trade.

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