Doesn’t she know anything about politics?

Sure, the game is spending other people’s money so that you gain approbation. But the approbation is always with intent – of gaining their votes. Therefore yu should leave this sort of vote buying to your successor:

Theresa May is set to give public sector workers a £2bn pay rise before stepping down from her role as prime minister next week.

Reported in The Times, the Treasury will on Monday unveil the biggest public sector pay rise for six years, at an estimated cost of £2 billion, amid concerns that the private sector is pushing ahead on salaries.

As one of May’s final acts as PM it will see police officers receive a 2.5 per cent pay rise across the board, soldiers 2.9 per cent and teachers and other school staff 2.75 per cent. Dentists and consultants will get 2.5 per cent and senior civil servants 2 per cent.

Because if your successor – who will be of the same party, you know, one of yours – makes the announcement then they will get the approbation and the votes.


19 thoughts on “Doesn’t she know anything about politics?”

  1. Isn’t this just another one of the revenge turds she’s dumping on the country, like the £1 trillion climate change thing?

  2. “Doesn’t she know anything about politics?”

    She called a snap election when she didn’t need to and almost lost to a theoretically unelectable Labour party. Next question?

  3. Your mistake lies in thinking that May is a Conservative. She’s a natural LibDem who was (just) smart enough to realise that would rule out being in power. She than made her choice.

  4. Possibly the most obtuse and vengeance-fuelled petty-minded large government politician ever to hold the office. An incompetent, authoritarian pseudo-negotiator who should never have been given the opportunity to run the country in such important times.

    The competition is fierce, but she stands out.

    I give her the benefit of the doubt for now over whether or not this was all a façade and really she was working for the other side. A couple of years down the line we’ll see.

    Her ‘legacy’ is a poisoned chalice but fortunately we can now all see how puerile she really is.

    Her idea of conservatism goes further down the social democrat road of her predecessor than he ever dared.

    The difference between her and the former Labour Party is cigarrette paper thin.

    The economy has been ok in spite of her, not in spite of Brexit.

    She really is going, right?

  5. She almost makes you wish for the return of Gordon, everyone’s “favourite cycloptic Scottish idiot” tm J. Clarkson
    Almost but not quite. Do you think we should ban any children of the manse from entering politics?

  6. @Fred – I doubt you’d notice the difference. I can’t think of a single area where her views might differ from Brown’s.

  7. She’s promising money that doesn’t exist so that her successor will have to cancel it.
    Petty vindictiveness is more important to her than her reputation.
    And she still has another week to make mayhem. Assuming she goes at all.

  8. It’s legacy innit? She’s bribing people to like her.

    She needs recognition and love for something, anything, to distract from the entire dog’s breakfast she made of being PM and the visceral dislike most have for her.

  9. You know, when she took office I thought she was a competent authoritarian who could get crap done.

    Nothing worse than incompetent authoritarians in power.

  10. @bloke in spain July 19, 2019 at 8:24 am

    What she isn’t, in any shape colour or form, is a conservative.


    She’s a Socialist infiltraitor and should have been deselected decades ago. Pussy pass? Wimin’s vote?

    On BBC This Week

    Brillo: Did the Maybot achieve anything in her three years in Downing Street?

    Piers Morgan: Absolutely nothing. I don’t say that lightly I think she is the worst Prime Minister we have ever had.

  11. @bilbaoboy

    She really is going?

    What happens if BoJo wins 52% of leadership vote and Hunt 48%? Three more years of May?

  12. The Blairites have been in power for the last 22 years, they simply shape shifted into Blu Labour under Cameron. Name one policy enacted by the notionally conservative government(s) since 2010 that would not have been signed off by a Blairite government. Now, having lost their puppet Cameron and the caretaker puppet Teresa May and having failed to install Jeremy ‘May in a suit’ Hunt, they have switched to plan b. They have abandoned the host and are switching to reinhabit (reinfest) the Labour Party. Cue the pressure on Corbyn to resign with placed stories about his mental health etc and the adoption of a new puppet Tom Watson who will make Labour the party of Remain. The plan is almost certainly to force a vote of no confidence and a General Election, which New Nu Labour, now without scary marxists but with the full throated backing of the BBC, Sky, Times (actually the real Blairite in house rag) Financial Times, Guardian, Mail etc think they could win. Note that the BBC claim they are unbiased because both Tories and Corbyn complain about them, but that is because they are biased against both and totally in favour of the whole Blairite Globalist cult. The campaign would be about the usual NHS, evil Tory cuts etc, but because they are now a Remain party if the won they would claim it would be a mandate to stop Brexit.
    Mandelson, Blair, Campbell etc never went away just because we stopped voting for them, we must remain vigilant.

  13. @Mart T


    “Times (actually the real Blairite in house rag)” – yep, I stopped buying it and ST as pro-Blairite news/opinion was all they published

    Back then DT & ST were still good.

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