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The pound fell again on the news of these turbocharging Brexit plans: how will that please people setting off on holiday – let alone a stream of closures hard on the heels of the departing Ford and Honda plants in Bridgend and Swindon?

A falling pound makes factories in the UK more worth setting up…..

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  1. Interesting how Polly seems to think the UK economy revolves on people going abroad on holiday

    Presumably to their holiday homes…..

    On the other hand, making UK exports cheaper is presumably A Bad Thing?

    And thousands of Brits staying at home for their holidays, not flying anywhere, fewer of those dastardly CO2 emissions, no pressure on eco-sensitive holiday locations, exploitation of foreign cultures, support to UK business etc

    One would have thought she would be all in favour of it as a welcome side effect?

    Or it it her business to be a consistent misanthrope?

  2. how will that please people setting off on holiday

    Incidentally the very same people she despises for clogging up the airports and causing all those awful emissions. But hey, deploy the tactical “insincere caring face” to con the mugs into thinking you are on their side!

  3. Her business is to write whatever tripe the miserabililst bastards who read the Guardian want to read about.

  4. “let alone a stream of closures hard on the heels of the departing Ford and Honda plants in Bridgend and Swindon?”

    neither of which were related to Brexit.

  5. The reality is that people

    a) regard falling £ as a bad sign
    b) Give a toss about the cost of their holiday going up.

    cheaper exports, more expensive imports being orders of magnitude less tosses given.

    Polly’s been doing it long enough to know there isn’t much more to it than a re-enforcement of that tagged on to who they should blame. The worry (for her) should be that this makes her ripe for replacement by a pollybot algorithm.

  6. how will that please people setting off on holiday

    Honestly, why does anyone go to Foreign anymore? Flying is a horrible, shitty nightmare from end to end (thanks, Muslims and Michael O’Leary).

    You get there and the place is full of funny little primitives jabbering away in their Ewok language. Then you leave Heathrow, and the foreign destination isn’t much better, it’s just full of odiferous, ill-favoured people who despise you and hope to trick you into paying 15 Euros for a sandwich they probably spat in.

    It’s not just the Euros. Traveling to the US is a humiliating experience, like being one of the unfortunately pretty inmates in that TV show “Oz”. Australia is too far away and full of poisonous spiders so large they smoke fags and do bicep curls with bricks. I haven’t been to Mexico or the Caribbean because I’m allergic to being murdered.

    A fatwa on Foreign. I say we should nuke em all, or what’s the bloody point of Trident?

  7. In my working life dealing with import/export, starting in 1976, the Pound has ranged from $2,40 down to parity, then between $1,05 and $1,30 for a long time, then up and down between $1,45 and $1,90 over about a decade during the 90s. Today it stands at $1,11.

    So… what ‘should’ it be?

  8. The real issue here is that the costs of Polly’s Tuscan Villa are “going up” considering that she is earning in £’s and spending in €’s

    Why anyone else should give a flying fig for Polly’s financial difficulties I have no idea.

    Maybe providing an incentive for people to holiday in the UK rather than the foreign climes of Europe is a good thing?

    If the Euro costs are a problem for British holiday makers then perhaps a holiday outside the Eurozone might be in order (Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Sweden), possibly even Turkey, Egypt or Israel if that takes your fancy.

  9. @ Steve “Flying is a horrible, shitty nightmare from end to end”

    Might I recommend dating one of BA’s cabin crew. It certainly made my recent trip to Athens a lot more pleasurable.

  10. I’m paid in GDP but spend in RMB and PHP.

    Brexit has been a disaster for my finances so far. Especially the last few days. I need to pay my rent tomorrow and seen GDP drop by several percent since just last week.

    I realise it’s more than just about me.

    Which is opposed to every Remainer who seems to care only about the immediate future to their own personal situation.

  11. RE. flying.

    Yes economy class is shite.

    Keep seeing in papers like the Telegraph that it’s not the same as before.

    It is. It’s called business class. Before, there was no economy class. Business was all you got and was more expensive and less luxurious than now.

  12. DJ–Any “problems” have been caused by the antics of the remainiac shite.

    We could have been out 3+ years ago and be vastly better off except for remainiac traitors and scum.

    Which is why Treason May needs a trial and a minimum of 10 years inside along with all her crew.

    BoJo MIGHT be aiming for a real Brexit. But he is still the same dumb BlueLabour cunt who wants amnesty for half a million illegal pricks–allowing them to both sign on AND vote for ZaNu. That is how bright BoJo is.

  13. Steve

    “You get there and the place is full of funny little primitives jabbering away in their Ewok language. Then you leave Heathrow…”

    That made me spit out my post lunch coffee over the keyboard.

  14. Bloke in North Dorset

    How much of that falling £ is to do with a hard Brexit and how much to do with the uncertainty Remainers are causing by threatening to disrupt Boris’s plans and if necessary/possible block a no deal exit?

    My guess is the uncertainty is the bigger driver, but happy to be corrected.

  15. Steve,

    “Honestly, why does anyone go to Foreign anymore? Flying is a horrible, shitty nightmare from end to end (thanks, Muslims and Michael O’Leary).”

    Weather. UK weather just isn’t reliable enough. If that wasn’t the case, I’d stay here. But that’s 99% of it now. And I do the minimum stress to get that. Cross to France, drive about 6 hours.

    The other 1% is that France seems to take a more sensible view of the hierarchy of the species, so you can still go and see a cabaret involving people doing acrobatics on horseback and buy foie gras in the supermarkets.

    That said, I despise the social climbing wankiness that travel has become. Someone needs to tell these people that it all burst decades ago. Like at one time, travel was not only legitimately high status, with aircraft full of beautiful people and gorgeous trolley dollies, but when you went somewhere, it was a real experience. You’d eat food you hadn’t eaten at home, see things you didn’t at home. And there’s still parts of the world like that. But the travel wankers don’t go there. They go to the most sanitised, western cities, formerly interesting places that are homogenised to the point of having Starbucks and Subway, and then go to tourist traps like “local markets” so they can pretend they’re adventurous.

  16. Ecks, my problems come from the currency traders. Thing is it snowballs. If I was trading currency short term I’m shorting GBP even though I believe Brexit is good for the UK. If you’re trading forex short term you have to preempt the market, doesn’t matter what you believe.

    In short I don’t blame anyone for the value of the pound. If I was in it long-term I’d go long on GBP, short term I wouldn’t even though I be live in Brexit.

  17. I can’t understand this obsession with defining the economy around people’s holidays. It was the same with the EMU, ECU and Euro – that it would make things easier for people to go on holiday.

  18. DJ: Exactly, why isn’t the Grun blaming evil capitalist money speculators? Or is that too close to the bone?

  19. And the stock market is ticking along nicely, together with gold, net net all looking very rosy so far. With the pound lower, companies like Unilever, Shell, HSBC, Astrazeneca that announce nice dividends in USD and EUR get a nice boost when paid in GBP.

    Besides, just a few years ago, supposedly any currency which was weak was a good thing, even Switzerland wanted a lower currency. Then when it happened to GBP suddenly it was a bad thing although previously a lot of talk how GBP was 20-30% too expensive.

  20. Steve said:
    “Honestly, why does anyone go to Foreign anymore? … You get there and the place is full of funny little primitives jabbering away in their Ewok language. Then you leave Heathrow”

    Funniest thing I’ve read all day; good work Steve.

  21. @BiND

    +1 on Uncertainty. Businesses were ready for 31 March No Deal, then Bang – cancelled & more uncertainty courtesy of Remainiacs

  22. A cheaper pound will pull more tourists in to the UK.

    That’s good economically, albeit bad with crowding.

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