Future tense Doctor?

Archbishop of York reveals he looks forward to retiring as elderly clergy ‘can go gaga’ and be ’embarrassing’

Reading any of those reports on poverty from him makes one worry about past and present….

4 thoughts on “Future tense Doctor?”

  1. Semutu suffers from actually believing in God, an almost insuperable obstacle to advancement in the modern Church which he overcame with panache. He might be a bit wobbly on economics, but he’s put a bit of muscular back into Christianity in this country.

  2. God botherers should stick to god bothering. Although why professional god botherers are required, when their own instruction manual deems them surplus to requirements, heaven apparently hasn’t passed comment on recently.

  3. I was almost certain that a member of the Atheist cargo cult would pass comment. I haven’t been disappointed.

  4. @Kevin Lohse July 22, 2019 at 8:32 am

    “Semutu suffers from actually believing in God



    “God botherers should stick to god bothering.” – amen

    Also if they say x is necessary, church not taxpayers provide. I’ve never seen a Mormon minister demanding state provides x.

    I’m glad our primary school head emphasised “you can worship and pray anywhere not only in church” – I do.

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