I think I can guess why this

Medical trials
Women have historically been excluded from medical trials, resulting in drugs that are less safe or effective for them. In the US, eight drugs that had unacceptable risks for women were withdrawn by the Food and Drug Administration between 1997 and 2001. Even today, representation in medical trials is still skewed towards men, and not all drug research takes gender into account when analysing results.

Given falling fertility rates perhaps less so now than back then but there is always that difficulty that a trial of a drug would end up treating two people instead of just the one…..

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  1. I work in pharmaceuticals and you are spot on. Pregnant women are excluded from 90(99?)% of all trials which is obviously going to skew results. Outcome analysis is typically not split by gender (normally the splits are between subgroups due to different disease-relevant genes) and there are only so many splits that can be done in a given trial (given requirement for pre-specification and powering a trial adequately to get large enough sample sizes in each subgroup)

    Or maybe it’s just the patriarchy/ “cause men don’t value women’s lives”/ etc lol

  2. “Or maybe it’s just the patriarchy/ “cause men don’t value women’s lives”/ etc lol”. In fact, most of medical and public health advancement has favoured women more than men. How do you account for the fact that in 1st world countries, women live on average 4 years longer than men, whereas in 3rd world countries women are far more likely to die younger, due in large part to inadequate medical care in pregnancy and cooking over biomass cook fires, than men? And yes, cheap, 24/7 energy availability has played it’s part.

  3. Strange thing to complain about. We’re not doing enough experiments on wimmins, eh?

    I dunno much about medical trials but my impression is the penniless are disproportionately represented. Women are a lot more likely to have a man taking care of them, which is why more than two thirds of homeless are men. So is financial desperation a factor?

  4. Medicine is biology, so it can’t take gender into account, it can only take sex into account. Who wrote this piffle?

  5. I suspect that if the figures were the other way round, exactly the same people would moan about that too as discriminating against women being used as guinea pigs..

  6. FDA et al decree the rules for medical trials

    They could demand a 50-50 balance

    Why don’t they?

  7. “end up treating two people instead of just the one”: nah, that would be one person and one foetus. Itza Grauniad, innit?

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