I’m sure we can help……

it was put to me over the weekend that this blog may not be as appropriately named now as it was when it was launched more than 13 years ago. Tax is not its sole focus by a long way now.

I thought about alternatives and the best I could come up with was TAPER – Tax, accounting and political economy research.

Any thoughts?

Here Be Drongoes?

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  1. Didn’t he reckon economics wasn’t worth studying? PRAT would adequately cover his area of interests.

  2. Didn’t even know it was named after Tax. The domain and URL all say Tim Worstall so I just thought it was a general blog with your leaning towards general economics and a sideline on taking the mickey out of that leftie twat Richie Murphy.

  3. Could someone come up with a ‘tuber’ backronym?

    Or maybe morph ‘taper’ into ‘tater’.

    Tax, Accounting, and Total Economy Research?

  4. @Dongguan John

    Definitely the winner.


    It’s a renaming of the Murphy blog we are after, not Tim’s

  5. Off topic but worth commenting on….

    The Fair Tax Mark has launched another stupid campaign, this one aimed at local councils which they say should….

    “pledge to lead by example and demonstrate good practice in their tax conduct, including: ensuring contractors implement IR35 robustly and a fair share of employment taxes are paid”

    As every tax practitioner will tell you, the main thrust of IR35 is to counter small businesses which contract as companies, the usual outcome being the owners can pay themselves by way of dividends and so avoid NIC – the ’employment taxes’ referred to. This is self evident because if IR35 applies and a contracting company was paying it’s owners purely by PAYEable salary there would be NO difference in the amount of tax/NIC charged.

    So, FTM is obviously aghast at this and wants councils to act robustly against this loss of NIC.

    But what does FTM say about companies paying their owners by way of dividend to avoid NIC when said companies pay FTM to get a Fair Tax mark?

    “We have chosen not to award, or subtract, marks
    for the taking of reward from companies by way of
    dividends in lieu of salary because this arrangement
    is commonplace and not subject to sanction (barring
    those cases subject to IR35).”

    So, according to FTM it is terrible for directors to pay themselves dividends and avoid NIC if they own a company which is contracting to a local council but it is fine (because it is ‘commonplace’) if they are doing the same thing but giving FTM money to get a Fair Tax Mark.

    Remember FTM is supposed to be about the moral crusade. Just because it is legal doesn’t mean you should do it. A fair share of taxes (including employment taxes) must be paid.

    Unless you pay FTM some money. Then avoiding NIC is fine.

  6. Andrew C, he gets asked in the comments how this brainwave would be done in practice – what would be the actual tender question to implement whatever law he wants introduced.

    He doesn’t know. Doesnt even seem to understand the problem.

    Campaigning on something he hasn’t consulted on.

  7. An honest title for Dick Tater’s blog would be like “1001 ways for me to spend all your money”

  8. The Blog of The Moroni.

    Mind you, people might confuse it with the Mormons. But their preposterous beliefs are less daft than his so it should be easy to distinguish them.

  9. Dennis the Peasant

    The View From Ely
    Once I Had A Job
    I Am Spode
    Let No Dog Bark
    Never In Doubt
    I Know Better

  10. @ Sam Jones

    Spud’s comment was in relation to another comment about Labour’s short lived “Economic Advisory Committee”.

    The pompous blowhard claims….

    “I was involved in setting it up”

    But he wasn’t one of its 7 members……

  11. I can’t beat much of what has already been proposed, but how about:

    Current Research, Etiology of Taxation, Inter National

    ? Eh? Eh?

  12. Perhaps MR Murphy isn’t aware of the Intermediaries Legislation which already mandates public sector organisations to assess potential suppliers for IR35 compliance.

    What do I mean, “perhaps”? Of course he isn’t aware.

    Also, General Revenue Accounting Policies Intending Social Transformation (GRAPIST) – I miss Murphy Richards

  13. 404 page not found would be appropriate but not as half as amusing as the usual drivel he puts out

  14. It’s in some ways quite entertaining that 13 years of random scribbling which he has convinced himself constitute a weighty contribution to intellectual debate in the UK has left him in a position where at more than 60 years old he is scratching around for employment…..

    Surely TUBERS, as Agammamon says is obtainable


    is an apt summary.

  15. Sorry but even after having it pointed out to me I just don’t see the site link and the text wasn’t specific. Although everyone else seems to have got the reference so I’m guessing I have lost a few IQ points since the beginning of this century.

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