Is Sir Pterry still writing then?

A Christian family that refuses to pay rates and taxes because it is “against God’s will” has been ordered to pay $2.3m by the Tasmanian supreme court.

Fanny Alida Beerepoot and Rembertus Cornelis Beerepoot, who previous owned the Melita honey farm in northern Tasmania, have refused to pay income tax since 2011.

The, umm, idea is slightly Sir Pterry. They don’t owe tax because they and everything belong to God. But the name!

Rembertus being, apparently, the latinised Rembert, meaning “high council” or summat in North German. And Beerepoot – yes, this is something filed from beyond the grave, isn’t it? Neil Gaiman’s been holding this back as part of the literary estate, to be released to amuse us all…..

14 thoughts on “Is Sir Pterry still writing then?”

  1. Agree with The Sage. This is probably one of the clearest answers Jesus gave to a question in the whole of the gospels.

  2. @The Sage

    I’d always been intrigued by the signs held up at sports events which referenced “John 3:16”.

    Imagine my surprise when I looked it up in the bible and it read;

    “And Jesus shouted “give the ball to me, I’m not marked””

  3. New World Version: And Jesus said: “Stop thy sinning and cease having fun.”

    LDS edition: And, yea, verily, it came to pass, that Jesus did spake unto ye wing back, and did implore him to passeth ye ball.

  4. As our American cousins will no doubt confirm, there’s a lot of this “your laws don’t apply to us” stuff in the US.

    Often ends up with the FBI besieging their homes.

    I suppose if you live in a community where the nearest town is 40+ miles away it’s easy to feel that way.

  5. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    “They don’t owe tax because they and everything belong to God”

    I think the Queen might have something to say about that.

  6. Seem to recall Sir PTerry wanted all his notes, partial plots etc destroyed after he died, a wish that was complied with by having a steam engine roll over and crush the hard disk containing the material, a method I’m sure he would have approved of

  7. BniC, yes, it was done at the Dorset Steam Fair, not far from me. I wasn’t there on the day they did it, but the steam roller was pointed out to me afterwards as a semi-celebrity.

  8. Surreptitious Evil

    As our American cousins will no doubt confirm, there’s a lot of this “your laws don’t apply to us” stuff in the US.

    Quite a lot of it is the ‘sovereign citizen’ movement, also known as “freemen on the land” (or ‘fools on the loose’ to the at-least vaguely sane).

    These are the idiots that think that your birth certificate and hence your name are a government declaration of ownership of you. And they are over here too.

    The ones I’ve come across seem to believe and certainly insist that the original text of the Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights apply. When I point out that Magna Carta never applied in Scotland …

    They are also the people who when up in front of the beak, start demanding all sorts of declarations from the mags about their oaths. Which goes down as well in court as you would expect.

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