It had to be really, didn’t it?

The Republic of Ireland’s postal service has apologised for spelling “the moon” wrong in Irish on its new commemorative stamps celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo landing.

The postal service, known as Na Psot, launched the stamps last week.

Four astronauts with Irish ancestry are featured on the stamps.

The Irish word for moon is “gealach”. But the stamp spelled “gaelach”, which means being Gaelic, Irish or relating to the Scottish Highlands.

It’s like finding out that a Scot actually is mean, a Welshman voluble.

15 thoughts on “It had to be really, didn’t it?”

  1. The deliberately introduced error by myself to see if anyone’s paying attention. And so far you’re running at 50%.

  2. Tim Worstall said:
    “The deliberately introduced error by myself to see if anyone’s paying attention.”

    It looked like quite possible Irish to me.

  3. More likely it means that nobody actually speaks Irish gaelic so they didn’t know it was wrong. Happens all the time in the Celtic Fringe.

  4. Bit cheeky to amend a cut-and-past quote…

    OTOH, it might be thought I couldn’t spell can’t.

  5. “An Post”.

    All part of the well over billion Euro’s we piss against the wall here, trying to convince ourselves we are a bilingual country.

  6. That’s okay, Gunker. Irish nationalism is one of the approved ones, innit.

    What you need to do, if you really want to be bilingual, is introduce even more diversity. Does wonders for the linguistic bilge on offer.

  7. He’d enable you to measure the difference between himself and a ray of sunshine, sunshine.

  8. The Meissen Bison

    If the Irish have a problem with the letters that make up the word “psot”, maybe the answer to the eternal backstop problem is to call it a backpost and let people use it for scratching that hard to reach spot.

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