It’s BoJo

And we know he’s going to fuck up and big time. The only question is, will he get the job done before he does?

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  1. Kent Brockman : Alright, let’s go live to Bob headquarters now, for Mayor Terwilliger’s victory speech.

    Sideshow Bob : [approaches podium] Ahem. Heh, heh, heh. Hah, hah hah, hah hah!

    [laughter grows progressively more maniacal]

    Sideshow Bob : HA! HA HA HA HA HA! HAAA! HAAA! HAAA! HAAAA!

    Kent Brockman : And just look how happy he is

  2. The Meissen Bison

    And we know he’s going to fuck up and big time

    What a beautifully crafted sentence.

    Who is “we”?

  3. So, the better of 2 choices, no doubt about that.

    But, I worry that Boris hasn’t really worked this. He wings things a bit. Like Raab did the work, is a leaver, won’t be swayed from that, probably has a plan.

    The best thing would be if Boris gives Raab the “Exiting the EU” brief and lets him get on with it. Boris can play to his strengths and just build a good team, keep an eye on things, do the big picture stuff. Get Truss as chancellor and have her properly fucking dismantling the state.

  4. Did BoJo fuck up being Mayor of London? Not anywhere near as challenging as being PM but IIRC he did a pretty decent job.

    I know there was some lefty hysteria about the Iranian spy woman and something about a poem, but I don’t recall him fucking up his most recent cabinet position.

    The idea that Boris is a rampaging liability is largely a media confection. I’d actually rather he was a post-Brexit Tory PM, presiding over a party that had ejected its closet LibDems, as that would rein in his own liberalism. His genuine optimism and personability would be ideal for the resurgence.

    However, what we need in the short-term is an absolute bastard with an eye for detail.

    Still, Boris is what we’ve got. My hopes are based on 2 things. One, despite everything, he is a fearsomely intelligent chap and two, he is incredibly ambitious and he must know that his place in history can only be assured by securing Brexit and making it work.

  5. Most of leadership is setting the mood and using that to provide the motivation. Unfortunately, since we ‘won’ the Cold War, our betters have seen fit to view leadership as a managerial and technocratic task, with the result that the mood, currently, would be bettered at a conference of cost accountants.

    We’ve had eb=nough of Martha, now is the time for Mary.

  6. Up and Big time are presumably Parliamentary researchers with large breasts
    I can`t wait and to mark the occasion. I gather there are plans for some spectacular pyrotechnic displays along the N Ireland border when it shuts..wwoooooo aaaaaaa…

    Had some Germans in the office to day actually god its embarrassing ..” Not me …no no no-one here voted for it.. well maybe the cleaner …sorry “

  7. I forgot to add, but Newmania reminded me; whatever happens, Boris as PM will piss off the worst sort of Remainiac cunts so it won’t be all bad.

  8. Hopefully this will tip the nuttiest of the nutty Remainer fringe into full-blown psychosis.

    Anyway, Johnson will occasionally say slightly daft things, and our media will pretend it’s really important, really, while actual people will either shrug or laugh.

    Good rule of thumb – the candidate the media hates is worth a punt.

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  10. At the very moment that the country requires clear speech and clear thinking, the idiot Tories have appointed a world class dissembler as Leader/PM.

    I’m really not convinced that he is a leaver. Does anyone have proof of his leavyness?

  11. MC- You have hurt me deeply inside, (as Boris`s female writers used to say when he reviewed their ‘work’ )
    I have met Boris several times actually, he is what a stupid person thinks a clever person is like,as they say
    You`d like him.


  12. Amnesia International

    These are difficult times for those sufferers that Amnesia International reaches out to.

    The victims that Amnesia supports lack any sense of history predating British membership of an undemocratic superstate.

    So at Amnesia we go further than simply bringing solace to the Junkerly destitute. We place guards at strategic points in the work lives of sufferers so that any visiting Germans liable to trigger embarassment and despair can be kept away from offices in the UK.

    Remain addicts may now be impelled into a miserable state of chlorinated cold turkey so please give generously.

  13. “@Amnesia International

    The victims that Amnesia supports lack any sense of history predating British membership of an undemocratic superstate.”

    I’m afraid that the problem is worse than this. Most victims seem to have no memory of the preceding occurrence of anything.

    This is evidenced by their continued use of the phrase “This is the most evil/corrupt/disastrous/right wing [insert event] that has ever happened”

  14. It would have been good to collate the predictions from the squawking left as to what was to happen to the UK economy/life on earth following Mrs T’s election win in 1979.

    One thing, obviously, was that the NHS would be dismantled within weeks.

  15. One of the big ‘criticisms’ of Boris I hear is that he delegates and doesn’t do detail.

    Sounds like a good leader to me.

    Have your vision and get competent people in to deliver it.

    I spent a few days getting drunk with his younger half brother on a beach in the Philippines a few years ago. Top lad he was.

  16. The victims that Amnesia supports lack any sense of history predating British membership of an undemocratic superstate.”

    You mean the Norman Channel Empire of the early mediaeval period …yes quite right you old scallyway I`m shamefully weak on the dark ages.
    Incidentally while you are preening your democratic feathers have a look at electoral calculus on the next GE
    Con 23.2% 196 seats
    Brexit 20.3% 66 seats
    Labour 25% 256 seats
    Liberal 17.9% 60 seats
    Vote for the Nationalist loons get the Communist loons .Is this really democracy. I appreciate that you mainly wish to send Johnny Darkie packing, but even so can’t the rest of us get anything good out of this debacle? A democracy for example?

  17. Newmania,

    A Con/Brexit pact absolutely kills it. Provided Boris goes full English Brexit then Cons take their usual seats and Brexit pick off pro Brexit labour seats.

    Play it right and Remain is dead. Democracy finds the correct course in the end… it’s why you Remainers are resorting to every authoritarian measure you can.

  18. John does it not concern you one tiny bit that for well over a year a comfortable majority do not want the whole thing and we will discover life on Mars a long time before we detect an mandate for No Deal ?
    My own view is that if 100 village idiots vote for the ” Quick tortoise” theory I am sticking with the elitist “Hare will come first” school of thought but Brexit isn`t even popular ?

  19. Rob:
    Hopefully this will tip the nuttiest of the nutty Remainer fringe into full-blown psychosis.

    Newmania has already seen fit to spew his usual drivel 3 times already. It seems to be working.

  20. Newmania,

    The idea that a “comfortable majority” no longer want to leave the EU is a baseless Remainer fantasy.

  21. ” have a look at electoral calculus on the next GE”

    Why? It’s a projection of a survey taken maybe two years before an election.

    The only people taking any notice are sad people desperately clinging to a belief that they’ll wake up one morning and reality will turn out to have been a nasty mean dream and they were right all along and everyone will like them and unicorns will deliver honey and clouds that taste like candy floss to their door every morning.

    Newmania, I guess you’re taking notice?

    “can’t the rest of us get anything good out of this debacle? A democracy for example?”

    What, where a majority vote in a referendum is followed. That sort of democracy? Oh, sorry, forgot. For you democracy is when everyone agrees with you.

  22. “Con 23.2% 196 seats
    Brexit 20.3% 66 seats
    Labour 25% 256 seats
    Liberal 17.9% 60 seats”

    So Labour gets 44 per cent of seats with 25 per cent of the vote? Labour and Liberals get 54.6 per cent of seats with just under 43 per cent of the vote?

    Sounds fair.

    Boundaries Commission! Boundaries Commission! Ah, there you are. Can we have our democracy back please?

  23. Andrew C

    When Mrs T died, (or maybe the weekend of her funeral, the BBC replayed the entire coverage of the 1979 election on the Parliament channel. Quite revealing! How far we have come!

  24. ISTM, we need to achieve several things:

    1) Brexit, anyway we can. If we don’t we’ll be stuffed for a generation

    2) Nullify the Brexit party threat by achieving Brexit. If it stays it will let Corbyn in.

    3) Defeat Corbyn.

    BoJo may not be ideal, but he’s the best option we have.

    Hold on to your hats!

  25. Interesting to compare the BBC language about Swinsons resounding victory and general fawning over her becoming Lib Dem leaders vs the coverage of Boris winning.
    Only one of them actually received more than 50% of the party membership vote

  26. Facepainter–like all your remainiac kind you are a lying cunt lost in your own treasonous fantasies. No surprise to hear you have been sucking German EU dick in your “office” –whatever EU sucking farce you supposedly work at.

    There is no majority for remain. There never was and never will be. All there is is your bogus marches and polls and endless, endless lies.

    I do want a civil war because there can be no reconcilement with shite like you. You must suffer and pay the price of your evil before your traitor’s soul ends up in Satan’s hands,.

  27. BoJo is the best of a VERY bad crowd of BlueLab shite. If he goes for a proper Brexit–no more “deals” are possible and he must know that or be the fool remainiac trash try to make him out as–then he could be a reasonable PM.

    Breaking the House of Betrayal’s remainiac shite and the SCS is the issue. He needs to put the cunts down hard via treason arrests.

  28. Wanker Eddie Meir on LBC is pissed off, banging on about how only 0.000005% of population voted for PM.

    Well done, Boris!

  29. @MC “I don’t recall him [Boris] fucking up his most recent cabinet position.”

    Funny that. Me neither. Maybe that’s because he hasn’t had a cabinet position since the FCO.

  30. Mr Ecks ….. there can be no “reconciliation” with shite like you…

    Honestly the quality of loon around here is shocking

  31. Yes–your evil and brazen EU sucking treason has shocked me many times. But there is no reconciliation possible with a traitor and crawling weasel like you. Who betrays and spits on his own in service of tyrannical foreign trash. And mostly for the money.

    You are scum indeed. But much as I would like a replay of 1641-1645–your gang are just about played out and shrivelling on the vine is likely to be your fate. Hopefully painful enough for you but nothing like what your Judas heart should have earned for you.

  32. Not one of you Limeys mentioned the biggest news:

    Ding, dong, the witch is gone.

    Theresa May is out.

  33. @Mr Worstall

    We know he’s going to f*** up big time”

    Who is “We”? Boris invariably succeeds.


    …nobody spends four years studying classics at Oxford without the power to absorb and retain a mass of abstract information….

    The point about detail is that Boris finds it easy to master. It doesn’t occur to him that others might struggle. Perhaps it bores him too. Grappling with minutiae is for wonks, after all. His mission, as leader, is to project confidence and optimism from the top. After three years of Mrs Dithers we need a bit of courage and guts in Number 10, a sense of purpose and a relish for attack….

    I have doubts, but Boris is hugely better than bureaucrat clone May, thus optimistic

  34. Full list of ministerial resignations

    Hmm, msm hyping this when it’s ~1/5th of resignations from May’s Gov’t and all below are May/Remainer placemen not talent/ability

    Alan Duncan – good riddance Mr arrogant, supercilious expenses abuser
    Anne Milton – who are you?
    David Gauke – you won’t be missed
    Philip Hammond – good riddance you boring Socialist tax & spend proponent
    David Lidington – LittleDone
    Greg Clark – great, opportunity beckons to abolish unnecessary Dept of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
    Karen Bradley – good riddance, you’re useless & thick
    Claire Perry – good riddance, you’re useless & a green shill
    Caroline Nokes – who are you?
    Rory Stewart – good riddance Mr Thunderbirds puppet EU troll*

    * Rory’s comment to C4 “She’s [May] been a very good public servant” – translation “She’s been a good civil service bureaucrat, where’s my knighthood?”

    Oh God, C4s rolled out Heseltine now; Major next? Heseltine “We won’t support anything which makes people poorer” – ahem, you support “green energy” and de-industrialisation which does make people poorer – more truthful “We won’t support anything we don’t like that Might make people poorer, but will support policies we like that Do/Will make people poorer”

  35. “Caroline Nokes – who are you?” Known round these parts as Shagger for her extra-marital activities with her toyboy while others were working hard to get her elected. Father was an MEP, nuff said.

  36. Hey Newmania, there’s a program on BBC tonight that’s sure to excite you. “How the middle class ruined Britain”. The premise that Britain is ruined will appeal to you. The premise that it is nothing to do with left wing scum but with people who just get on with earning a living and being decent citizens will appeal to you.

    If you class yourself as middle class you can even hate yourself while you watch it.

    Could be a session of orgiastic flagellation for you.

    I won’t be watching such UK-hating BBC shit, obviously. But it sounds right up your street.

  37. Alex said:
    “Caroline Nokes … Father was an MEP”

    Oh, I’d hoped her father was the bloke with the dog off Blue Peter.

  38. I watched Heseltine’s Jon Snow tongue bath on tonight’s C4 news.

    Wouldn’t normally, showered afterwards.

    Anyways. The eyebrowy cadaver’s principal objection to (no deal) Brexit was what he anticipated would be Britain’s loss of status in the world.

    But I thought I was supposed to be the one hankering after empire…

    BTW, Newms, I did like your off-the-cuff about the cleaner voting Brexit.

    Like a dowager confronted with a side dish of mushy peas, tactfully concealing a sneer.

    Prefer avocados, myself.

  39. @Edward Lud: most Oxford undergraduate degrees are 3 years, but some are 4. From memory, that’s Classics, Chemistry, Biochemistry and Modern Languages.

  40. “Cabinet for Modern Britain”. Pass the sick bag.

    Priti Patel can do some nice rhetoric but was fucking useless at DFID. James Cleverly is BoJo’s bag carrier, not entirely incompetent, but no Raab on the subject.

    FFS can we bury identity politics? Javid might be good as chancellor (I’d have preferred Truss, but Javid is fairly Thatcherite and seems competent).

  41. Cummings rumoured as special advisor to Boris. Bodes well.

    He has some sensible views on how to exit and how to restructure civil service.

  42. @isp

    I’ve mixed feelings – this is a resignation waiting to happen. Also the incoming PM is in a very weak position, and I don’t think can afford to pick so many fights as DC would like. On the plus side at least it’s a sign of commitment to leave.

  43. I must admit to being tepid at Boris, I would have preferred Raab, but then I am a neo-Nazi right wing totalitarian BRExiteer (or whatever Newmania and his Remain traitors would call me). I even spent months campaigning for BRExit with Vote Leave.

    The Tory Party haven’t voted for BRExit, they’ve voted for Boris and they deserve him good and hard. Maybe we all do after suffering three years under the mind numbing incompetence of Treason May.

    The good thing about Boris is that he’s firmly latched behind Leave, so regardless of his lukewarm support before the referendum campaign, it’s a bandwagon that has clearly got his name on it and his now has to shit or bust.

    Given the chance, I suspect he would happily sign us up to a modified version of Treason May’s WA less the NI backstop and a few of the most egregious bits of the capitulation agreement.

    Fortunately, I suspect that the EU will continue their insistence that “The withdrawal agreement has been negotiated and agreed with the UK” and that we will leave on October 31st.

    Quite how the EU thinks that the WA is still in any way meaningful or has any standing is beyond me, but given the EU’s democratic deficit, maybe they just don’t understand how real democracies work.

    If it hasn’t passed the HoC (even populated with the bunch of traitors we’ve got at the moment), it ain’t worth the paper it is written on.

    P.S. – Newmania – you really are a grade A cretin.

  44. @JG

    You seem realisitically optimistic that Boris will be compelled to make an effort to leave by Oct 31 but I fear unrealistically optimistic that he can do so when Parliament clearly isn’t up for it.

  45. My hopes are low, but I am happy if he proves a pleasant surprise.

    But at the mo, the best I think we can aspire to is a bit of jollity from a new Merry Monarch, after years of po-facedness.

  46. You seem realistically optimistic that Boris will be compelled to make an effort to leave by Oct 31 but I fear unrealistically optimistic that he can do so when Parliament clearly isn’t up for it.

    I wouldn’t say that. In fact optimism isn’t really the word. For all the proselytising of the hard-BRExit types (self included) and the hard-Remain traitors like Newmania, we’re both in a minority. The vast majority of people have gone from not being bothered about BRExit, through boredom and have now reached the point of just wanting it over.

    As for BRExit on October 31st, I think it will happen, not because of any major revelation by PM BoJo, but the simple and obvious acceptance by both sides that stalemate has been reached and further “negotiations” will avail to nothing.

    Regardless of the consequences of actual BRExit (i.e. what happens after we leave), the current BRExit uncertainty is damaging both the UK and the EU politically. At some point one side or the other has to pull the plug, if the UK cannot do it then the EU will have to.

    Change of leadership on both sides actually makes BRExit on 31st October more likely because the new leadership can avoid being tainted by the failure of the Barnier/May treaty, not be repudiating it, but simply applying the Japanese approach of “Mokusatsu” (to kill with silence).

    The appeal from the EU for Boris to get on with ratifying the WA capitulation agreement as pointless. It’s dead and the PM that supported it was ousted for her failure. I’m not sure how they don’t see that, but maybe it’s just EU posturing. There is a lot of that.

    So yeah. Can’t see us being in the EU in November, but even if we do go down that route (which would crucify Boris and the Tories), at some point we will leave or be ejected because we’ve run the course, reached stalemate and continuation is damaging to both sides.

  47. Pcar
    July 23, 2019 at 8:31 pm


    She’s not gone yet…


    How about now?

  48. Bloodbath going on at the moment. Quite right too. All of those sacked deserved to go. Good.

    17:58: Claire Perry relinquishes Clean Growth & Energy portfolio but gets new role as COP26 President.

    17:58: Jeremy Hunt quits as Foreign Secretary after turning down Defence. Shunt for Hunt…

    17:56: Jeremy Wright sacked as Culture Secretary. Not Wright for the job…

    17:53: David Mundell sacked as Scottish Secretary. David Gone-dell…

    17:25: Karen Bradley sacked as Northern Ireland Secretary. Karen Brad-leave…

    17:24: James Brokenshire out as Communities Secretary. James Broken-fired…

    17:17: Caroline Nokes sacked as Immigration Minister. That’s all, Nokes…

    17:16: Damian Hinds sacked as Education Secretary. Hinds unwinds…

    17:11: Chris Grayling quits as Transport Secretary. Grayling bailing…

    17:00: Liam Fox sacked as International Trade Secretary. Out-Foxed…

    16:59: Greg Clark sacked as Business Secretary. Clark parked…

    16:44: Penny Mordaunt sacked as Defence Secretary. Penny drops…

    23/7: Mark Spencer appointed Chief Whip. Off the Mark…

    Earlier: Hammond, Stewart and Gauke pre-emptively announce resignations.

  49. Is it just my age and, like coppers and judges all seeming (and being) younger, most of these people seem… non-existent? Or are they total non-entities? I mean, wasn’t Patrick Mayhew a man of some substance?

    Who, the tossing arse, is Karen Bradley?

  50. Who, the tossing arse, is Karen Bradley?

    “Was” being the operative word.

    As with many of May’s appointees, she was another useless Lickspittal. She knew absolutely nothing about NI politics when she was appointed and hasn’t obviously learned anything in the interim.

    Devolved government needs to be restored in Northern Ireland and sacking Karen Bradley was an essential part of achieving that.

    It will be interesting to see who Boris appoints as NI secretary. I’m liking the appointments so far (Javid, Patel, Raab)

  51. @Edward Lud July 23, 2019 at 8:49 pm

    Hons / Masters degree

    @RichardT July 23, 2019 at 10:24 pm

    Like Ball? Good chap produces woke PC SJW daughter.

    @Edward Lud July 23, 2019 at 11:35 pm

    …and C4s war against Boris continues: civil service, EU, RoI all firing shots at him

    C4 News: we’ve set up a new team to analyse very public statement he’s made/makes – text us your views/quotes

    We have Boris Trump is their opinion

  52. @John Galt July 24, 2019 at 10:47 am

    Given the chance, I suspect he would happily sign us up to a modified version of Treason May’s WA less the NI backstop and a few of the most egregious bits of the capitulation agreement.

    Yep. That’s been EU plan from start. NI Backstop is a red-herring to distract from all the other hidden “vassal state” surrenders. Steerpike at Spectator covered them well.

    Claire Perry should have been terminated

    Karen Bradley – thick as sh1t, and looks thick too

    Penny Mordaunt was OK until she came out as a Period Poverty activist

    Liam Fox sold his sole to EU when he said “Any deal is better than No deal”

    Is harridan Rudd gone?

  53. The Meissen Bison

    m’Lud – Karen Bradley was the NI secretary who turned denseness (or density, if you expect better from me) into an art form.

    1) When she took on the NI brief, she wasn’t aware that the NIrish vote on sectarian lines;
    2) She said as much in public.

  54. “We have Boris Trump is their opinion”

    Boris has the potential to do better. Trump, not being a career politician, and not knowing many people in DC, kept establishment types in many posts, and appointed many people on advise that were in fact establishment types. Didn’t work out well.

    Johnson knows his way around London. His picks for positions are likely to be way better than Trump’s.

  55. I have this great plan for devolving the BBC to the EU, that is where their morality and their loyalty lie. And I am sick of paying for the depraved lying scum.

  56. @Gamecock

    Yes, Traitor May is no longer PM

    Where will she sit on backbenches? With Greening, Clarke etc? Will she still bang on about “Her” (not cabinet/Gov’t) Surrender Treaty?

    Will she still pretend to go to CoE church every Sunday?


    Good to see police bundle childish XR zealots off highway for once.

    Subs: It’s Quad you dozy colonials

    Jags: don’t like these modern blob-mobiles. Bring back the XJ

    YT banned all vids of Queen’s meeting with Boris “Trump”?

    Disjointed (Carrie), but maybe informative

  57. The press may pay more attention to her now, as a foil against Boris. She can now be useful to them.

  58. @Gamecock

    More likely they’ll attack & ridicule Carrie as they do with Melania & Ivanka – however more & more are seeing through this Left MSM hate.

    Personally, I want her to keep a zero/low profile as all PM spouses did until the Blair creature. I’d expect JRM is telling BoJo this.

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