Just astonishing

….a can of Coke? ….What we know about these products, and others like tobacco and alcohol, is that they are addictive and so have a high inelasticity of demand with regard to price…

He didn’t even bother to look up the elasticity of soda pop….

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  1. When I first started coming to Switzerland, beer was cheaper than soft drinks. So I drank beer.

    Price elasticity really is that simple…

  2. I am not sure if I am supposed to be feeling miserable because an impossible body image is being forced down my throat by ” capitalist ” forcing me to be fit ,or being forced to drink fat fizz .
    I am faintly aware there is a product called diet Coke or something , but that is obviously not being marketed, don`t think that sleepy Gym leisure industry bother much either.
    I find it easy to do without pop personally

    BTW- Did you know Brexit voters are on average considerably fatter – true …

  3. Newmania

    BTW- Did you know Brexit voters are on average considerably fatter – true …

    Well all Brexit voters are ‘Gammons’ of course so that’s logically true….

  4. Older people are more likely to vote Brexit.
    Brexit voters are fatter, well ok
    Fat people are likely to live longer.
    Mmm, one of those is unlikely to be true.

    Let’s try this with some other data:
    The fattest countries in the EU are Malta and the UK
    The only two countries with the NHS system are Malta and the UK
    The NHS is the best health system in the world.
    Nope, I can’t get those sentences to cohere either. But I know a man who can.

  5. BTW- Did you know Brexit voters are on average considerably fatter

    All those triple milk shakes. And much smaller genitalia as well apparently.

    – true …

    Oh, go on then, if you insist, give us your source.

  6. Bongo

    Actually, that makes sense.

    Older people are (probably?) fatter than young people on average (we rarely get fitter as we get older).

    Older people voted Brexit, etc.

    Guessing (on the same basis) that Conservative voters are fatter than Labour voters. And nothing to do with taking all the pork pies from poor people.

  7. Dennis the Peasant

    If sin such a terrible thing when it comes in the form a can of Coke? Well, yes it is when the planet cannot afford that waste of resources, the product is laden with anti-competitive protections and potential tax loopholes, and it happens to have contributed to substantial increases in childhood (and other) obesity. Those are sins. If sin is, as a wise priest once put it to me, missing the mark in the sense of not doing the right thing, then just making and selling Coke comes pretty high on the list of sinful things to do.

    I forever find myself thinking he can’t come up with something dumber than the last thing. Then comes the next thing…

    Now he’s going to save us all from ourselves yet again, and today he’s going to do it by banning soda.

    And I cannot help but note just how many unproven (and thoroughly judgmental) assertions there are in those four sentences. I put it at either eight or nine, depending on how you count.

  8. I wonder if he stumbled across a rerun of Mark Thomas documentary Belching out the Devil about the evil Coca Cola company or is he just that far behind the rest of the lefties

  9. Tea first thing in the morning like any true pom / limey, couple of cups of coffee during the day with more tea late on. Then beer, G & T, wine and / or whisky in the evening. Not a poncy soft drink in sight. Obviously, weekends, holidays and public holidays, the alcohol consumption moves up to lunchtime.

    The only time I have ever drunk coke is at refreshment stations during marathons and ultra marathons. i don’t think it can be addictive because, despite drinking it every 3km during a marathon, I have never drunk it when not running.

  10. Best thing to do with coke is cooking.

    Get a beef brisket (don’t do this to an expensive fast roasting cut, it just turns to mush!), season with black peppercorns and a bit of garlic powder. Stick in a deep roasting tin along with a fine diced onion (or two for a big joint). Fill the roasting tin to near the brim with full sugar coke (diet stuff doesn’t work). Shove in oven at 170c (fan) for about 3 hours with foil over it, then remove the cover and run the oven up to about 200c for about an hour to get the outside crispy.

    You get this lovely slightly sweet roast beef, and the remains of the coke and onions with a little bit of thickening (cornflour or gravy granules) makes this awesome sweet onion gravy. Doesn’t taste remotely like it’s made with coke either!

  11. I always understood the word obese to mean someone who was really grossly overweight. Nowadays it is used to describe anyone who isn’t completely lean. So the claim that obesity is a problem is simply not true, the problem is entirely created by the redefining of the word obese.

  12. @Edward Lud July 3, 2019 at 6:27 pm


    btw HM EIIR bans it. Chicken Kiev in Poland, Ukraine etc has zero garlic

  13. Coke the drink and coke the powder are not addictive; however some folks become dependent/obsessed with consumption.

    Soda pop is no better or worse than Ribena etc

  14. Stonyground, it’s worse than you think.

    In the U.S., the weight of the people is determined by phone surveys. The data is 100% self reported, 0% verified. BWTM. Then it is adjusted by people whose job depends on there being a problem.

    ‘Obesity is a problem’ is totally imaginary.

    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.” ― H.L. Mencken

  15. In our house, soft drinks are for MrsBud, the daughters and granddaughters, all sugar free. I dilute gin with tonic, but do not dilute my whisky. I always keep a cheap bottle of whisky in the house for Aussies who like to put coke in it.

  16. I always keep a cheap bottle of whisky in the house for Aussies who like to put coke in it.

    May as well use the sort that comes in a plastic bottle, with the screw top that has to be pushed in, and is coloured purple.

  17. @theProle

    I shall have to try that coke (‘full fat’ of course) works really well with gammon/ham joints too

  18. It is curious is it not how people/organisations/media make assertions about the people who voted for Brexit?

    As far as I am aware it was a secret vote so all their ‘analysis’ is extrapolated from surveys of voters in those consituencies

    I call BS, its like saying all remain voters in London are stabbists because there are lots of remain voters there and lots of stabbings

  19. @ starfish
    I know one guy who voted Bexit. Overweight? He’s the only person (apart from myself) whom I have heard say that I am overweight.
    The two significantly overweight areas are Scotland and London that voted “Remain”

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