Learnt everything from Miles Kington he did

From: UKAMB Matthew W. Barzun
Date: June 23 2016
Subject: Brexit

OK, I totally didn’t see that coming.

Are USA diplomatic personnel strictly liable for debts to UK bookmakers?
Asking for a friend.

I know he used to drink at the same pub as Miles Kington at least.

2 thoughts on “Learnt everything from Miles Kington he did”

  1. Learnt everything from Margaret and Ronald, then more from Donald he did

    The Brexit Party is raring to go – in every constituency

    Charles Moore in Telegraph gets it, Iain Martin in Times doesn’t and says BP should close.

    Ann Widdecombe ‘I stand by’ slavery remarks
    Ann shows the Tories what it means to have a backbone – and LimpDems cry
    …nous allons, wir gehen, we’re off!

    Ann destroyed the rabbit-holing BBC Newsnight EU lackey

    Ann “We can go round and round and round in circles, I won’t”

    BBC continues rabbit-holing, Ann says “Wrong, move on”

    Who is this BBC Newsnight woman? She’s useless and pathetic. Nepotism? LGBTxyz?


    Britain is not party to Article 52 of the Lisbon Treaty in which the flag and anthem were established

    This is interesting, but won’t be reported by BBC, Groan etc:
    “…the ‘abortion rats’ did not show healthy rat behaviour. They did not groom themselves, they had unkempt fur, their posture was more hunched, and they showed a reduction in exploratory behaviour (sniffing and rearing).

    The researchers concluded that the rats which had gone through a medically induced abortion showed moderate to severe stress, and that this was specific to the induced abortion not the loss of a pregnancy through miscarriage…”

  2. “Are USA diplomatic personnel strictly liable for debts to UK bookmakers?
    Asking for a friend.”

    Yes. Because while I’m sure the *government* won’t assist in collecting on that debt, the bookies still consider you strictly liable for it and have their own ‘police’ force to come round and collect. Or put you in the hospital.

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