Nice comment from Petula Clark

Billed as “Britain’s Shirley Temple” and “the Singing Sweetheart”, Clark went on to record hundreds of songs for the forces and toured the UK by train. She recalls sleeping in the luggage racks alongside Julie Andrews, three years her senior. “Now, she could really sing,” says Clark. “We’d get off the train, do our little things, get back on and go home. It was fun – and not a lot of kids were having fun.”

If you’ve got someone like that saying you can really sing then I guess you really can sing.

7 thoughts on “Nice comment from Petula Clark”

  1. Ted S, Catskill Mtns, NY, USA

    The sub-editors should have realized that it’s Clark who’s three years older than Andrews, not the other way around.

  2. Frank Sinatra did a cover of ‘Downtown’ but hated the song. To the extent that he inserted a painful ‘ewww’ phrase prior to the word ‘downtown’ in his recording. Petula Clark’s original is greatly superior, notwithstanding Mr. Sinatra’s talents and that of his musical director.

  3. Downtown – my 5 minutes of fame

    Downtown Radio, NI aired me singing/speaking at BGS Concert in 1970s

    Still have the tape.

  4. I still find it incredible that Andrews has outlived some of the captain’s children in The Sound of Music. She had great genes as well as a great voice and ear.
    Christopher Plummer suffered a reverse Clark in the same film – his singing was dubbed over by a quality warbler in Bill Lee – otherwise the difference in quality would have spoiled the film.

  5. There is an extraordinary collaboration between a VERY young Julie Andrews and the New York avant-garde street musician Moondog on children’s songs. Well worth listening to. See Songs of Sense and Nonsense, 1957.

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