To answer a Guardian headline question:

His brother was killed at Sandy Hook – now, 19-year-old JT Lewis is running to be a Republican senator. Can he win?

He’s too young. The US constitution insists that you not only be out of both diapers and braces but even have been able to drink legally for a few years before joining the Senate. Not that Ted Kennedy’s training for this worked all that well but…..

A teenager whose brother was killed in a mass school shooting may not seem the natural candidate to be running as a Republican senator. But this “unique position,” says 19-year-old JT Lewis, is exactly what makes him the man for office. His bid to represent the 28th district of Connecticut which covers Newtown,

Ahhh, state senator? That’s different. And it’s not, in the language of these things, senator. Also, who gives a toss, state level spendthrifts are a dime a dozen.

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  1. I haven’t read the article –because why make Monday morning worse?—but if the Gladrag is interested their must be some gun control evil angle to the story.

    If he was a keen defender of the Second Amendment we would have nothing from the G-strings.

    If he is a gun control freak may Satan take him asap.

    Not that I’m a vindictive man or anything-but stupid stooges of tyranny boil my piss.

  2. it’s not, in the language of these things, senator.” But it is. You can see old-fashioned journalists still using “US Senator” to make the distinction clear. Similarly “US Congressman” (though he’d have to be ultra old-fashioned to use ‘…man’).

  3. Link is to Tele.

    ‘Everyone’s in it for themselves, for their own selfish purposes,” the University of Connecticut student adds. “I decided to run and change that.”

    A politician who says he will be different. Ha ha ha ha.

  4. The term we use here is Congresscritter. It covers both houses and all necessary genders.

  5. So Jo Swindon elected leader with 45% of the total membership so maybe her opponent should demand a second vote
    Funny that they talk about her overwhelming victory and skip over that but it should we just assume the 28% that didn’t vote all would have voted for the winner out of those that voted.

  6. @BniC

    Swindlers screeching dentist drill voice sure is dynamic, her 45% “win” not so. Looking forward to Her on QT (Andrew Neil has been “retired”) defending 52% Leave must be ignored, but 45% for her is decisive majority and 66% for BoJo is divisive.

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