Not a liberal, this one

Forget the rebrand – Kim Kardashian West should ditch her shapewear range entirely
Shapewear or ‘Solutionwear’ is a necessity – if you don’t want your butt, boobs, gut or thighs to move or breathe at all. Let’s get rid of it altogether

Hmm – you can’t do that isn’t how most liberal initiatives start now, is it?

Shapewear helps us to keep up with all this – it is a necessity if you don’t want your butt, boobs, gut or thighs to move or breathe at all. The marketing for, and prevalence of, these products says your flesh shouldn’t move if you can help it. Because who needs to be able to move freely?

Well, us. In 2019, people want to move forward. We are fed aspirations of feminist futures, equality and acceptance in life and at work almost everywhere. A kinder world for women is made a more realistic prospect in magazines, papers, TV and film every day – we can see it happening. Too slowly, but at least we are getting there. And we want to get there as quickly as we can, with no restrictions – especially not physical ones.

Replace all the “we” there with “I” and there’s nothing wrong at all. And if it was followed by “I desire” and “you do what you like” then it would be impeccably liberal. But that conflation of the I into we and then the implicit addition of you must not means it’s entirely illiberal. Getting on for fascist actually.

Oh, and, usefully, we’ve a potential proof of the writer’s contention. If the stuff doesn’t sell then she might be right. If it does then she ain’t….for it would appear that some sufficiency of we does want all this

15 thoughts on “Not a liberal, this one”

  1. Bloke in Germany

    IF you haven’t noticed, Tim, the name of our philosophy has been co-opted by a bunch of people who are anything but. The leftpondian meaning of “librul” is now gaining traction elsewhere.

  2. Ted S, Catskill Mtns, NY, USA

    “Our bodies, our choices”, as long as you make a choice we agree with.

  3. The Meissen Bison

    Not a liberal, no and in all likelihood excessively endowed with plumpness to boot.

  4. By Phoebe-Jane Boyd

    I don’t want to be unkind, but what are the odds Phoebe-Jane Boyd maintains a Twitter account where she posts pictures of food, and would cause an average-sized pedal boat to capsise?

  5. @Steve – her Graun photo and article list suggest she’s a bit of a porker, specialising in porker empowerment articles.

    I’m something of a fat fuck too, but I don’t count it in my list of achievements…

    Her Twitter is full of retweets about imaginary racism, how Trump is literally Hitler, and cats.

  6. It’s just all so much rhetoric.
    “we want our butts…. to breathe.”

    Phoebe, you’re reaching here. Yes we need to breathe. So you chuck that in the sentence alongside your butt. It’s just sophism.
    You want your butt, gut, thighs to move. Yes we don’t want to be incapacitated so you chuck that in a sentence next to your body parts.
    And all this to dance around the fact that some people want to look slimmer. So long as their lungs can respire and their limbs can articulate, their functional clothing needs are being met. It then comes down to the age old fashion versus comfort or kindness as you put it (you can’t help yourself with meaning one thing and saying another can you?). You think we’re moving to fashion being kinder? Its only kinder while its fashionable to be kind. One thing we know sure as eggs is eggs, fashion changes. Before you know it (probably fall 2020) you either say i ain’t going to be fashionable or you’re wearing dinner plate shoulder pads with winkelpicker stilettos.

  7. If you believe that we should have more government, then you are accepting that politicians and bureaucrats should have more say over how we live our lives and individuals should have less. You are also electing people who want to exercise such increased control, and you are taking your chances on just what they will then decide they want to control.

    Using the the more current, perhaps modern use of the word liberal, liberals have great faith in the notion that there are kind and wise people who know what’s best for everyone better than we know ourselves. And they don’t seem able to learn from experience or observation. Perhaps we should substitute fascist for liberal in our modern vernacular.

  8. MC – I’m something of a fat fuck too, but I don’t count it in my list of achievements…

    This is one of the clowniest things about Clown World. Ayn Rand noticed it 50 years ago:

    their voice had become a long, sustained whine, the megaphone of failure, like the sound of an oriental bazaar where leprous beggars, of spirit or matter, compete for attention by displaying their sores.

    Everybody has human weaknesses, failings, and things they’re less proud of.

    Progressives believe in competitive victimhood and the Olympics of failure, where the more palpably pathetic you are, the greater your intersectional worth.

    Julius Caesar was bald. Winston Churchill was a pudgy alcoholic. Napoleon Bonaparte had the handicap of being French. Nobody used to want to be defined by their less impressive features, they sought to transcend them to achieve great things.

  9. The Meissen Bison

    Would Poebe-Jane moan about whale-bone corsets for want of a sufficiently large whale to accommodate her bulk?

  10. Bloke in Germany

    There’s also an element of wanting to impose arms restrictions on other people in the attractiveness race, isn’t there?

    Does that also explain the tie-up of convenience with the bearded tent advocates?

  11. I sneeze in threes

    She has problems? Try being a middle aged man looking to buy a pair of trousers that aren’t bloody slim fit. Can’t get them past my thighs. It was alright in my old man’s day, they were called slacks and that’s what you got.

  12. Bloke in North Dorset

    If someone wrote an article claiming women were stupid and didn’t have agency because they followed the latest fashions the Guardian would be all over them. But that is the gist of the argument.

  13. Bloke in Germany


    “Comfort” or “relaxed” is current fashion euphemism for fat git fit.

    Since the gay designers don’t want fat gits seen in public wearing their couture, your options are C&A or get it made. I can recommend a tailor in Hong Kong

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