Now I like this

Most fun.

Nothing complicated, nothing fancy but….

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  1. Sad News

    Christopher Booker died today after a short illness aged 81. Campaigning journalist who was the first editor of Private Eye and became a cherished Telegraph columnist over decades

  2. Yes, I met him a couple of times when working for Nigel. Nice man.

    There was also some family connection to him through Naples decades back which I never really quite understood. Think he knew someone we knew out there. something like that.

  3. He wont get a mention on Auntie Beeb or a place on Radio 4’s last words sadly. Some great men have passed recently without much ado which makes us all that little bit worse off when we cannot remember or acknowledge those who did great things for England to a greater or lesser extent. Captain David Pentreath RN CBE, DSO went over the bar this last week. If you know him you will know him and what he did. I had the pleasure of knowing the man and he was as good as gold. Sleep well sir, calm seas, your bit is done.

  4. As a postscript I could have mentioned the bloodiest day in our Military history on 1st July 1916. Sadly the “yoof” were more concerned with what Stormzy and his Banksy designed stab vest had to say – thats if anyone could decipher his lyrics.

  5. Newmania

    Dr Feelgood does what it says on the tin. A hugely influential group.

    Might one infer you like jazz, sport a beard and used to try to get into the pants of bored females by engaging in pseudo-intellectual discussions in wine bars with a no standing policy?


  6. Bravefart
    I was more the ” Drink 8 pints of lager lurch at a group pf women and bawl just about audibly over “I found lovin..” ju..wunna darns..?”

  7. Delingpole: RIP Christopher Booker, the World’s Greatest Climate Change Sceptic

    Retired 31 March 2019, died 3 July 2019. Only 3 months not able to do what he enjoyed. God Bless.

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