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Of course it’s cronyism. That’s how the system works

Theresa May is facing a new cronyism row as it emerged that her controversial chief of staff is expected to be appointed to the House of Lords.

Tory sources said that Gavin Barwell, who was appointed to Downing Street after being ousted as MP for Croydon Central, headed a resignation honours list drawn up by the Prime Minister before her departure.

A peerage for Mr Barwell would infuriate many Tory Eurosceptics after he was blamed for helping to orchestrate the Brexit deal that Brexiteers insisted could leave the UK tied to the EU’s structures indefinitely.

Every Prime Minister has done it on their departure. That’s why we have the Resignation Honours list itself.

6 thoughts on “Of course it’s cronyism. That’s how the system works”

  1. BoJo ‘s first action should be to refuse to give ANY of her list a Goddamn thing. Indeed remainjac scum need to punished for being her cronies and fellow EU agents.

    Not to mention the treason charges that Treason May needs to be brought up on.

  2. What use does the EU have for the House of Lords? If you’re pro EU why would you even want a peerage?

  3. Mr Ecks, it’s not Boris giving the honours, it’s May’s final action. Boris can’t stop it. The outgoing PM doesn’t give a list to the incoming PM, the outgoing PM gives a list to the monarch as their final executive action.

  4. Well could be more to come.Seems to me one way to kaibosh any anti Brexit legislation and get Brexit party support to boot is to appoint a shed load of BP nominees, as many as necessary, to the lords. Brexit guaranteed, election easier to win with BP contesting only labour seats and also probably HofL reform not far behind before they do too much damage. Question is whether farage will settle for an earldom or will hold out for a dukedom.

  5. jgh–Nothing to stop BoJo from taking back the honours conferred by the FFC as soon as they are given

    “Duke of Puke” for a day so to speak.

    Treason’s humiliation would be all the greater.

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