Pimping, such a terrible crime

An Uber driver who raked in £40,000 by ‘brokering’ deals between prostitutes and punters has been found guilty at court on Wednesday.

Romanian Mario Nicolae, 41, was charged with inciting prostitution for gain, keeping a brothel and money laundering between April 2017 and last September.

Actually nowt to do with Uber but:

Mr Dunn added that the women were neither coerced nor working in ‘unpleasant or degrading’ conditions.

“They were no more vulnerable than others involved in that industry, they were engaged voluntarily and often sought out this defendant to get them set up rather than the other way round,” he told the court.

That’s the prosecutor saying that.

But, of course, he must be jailed because male exploitation, eh?

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  1. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    No he must be gaoled because he broke the law. It is irrelevant that the girls were willing accomplices. This could easily be ( and often is, there was case of it near me a couple of years back ) a woman performing this task.

    Pimping, keeping of a disorderly house, procuring, soliciting etc. It is all part of the paraphenalia around prostitution that make it legally hazardous. The act itself is just a contract between two parties. Odd how the English law works…

  2. I took my family to see the Levant Mine in Cornwall and my children were slack jawed hearing that they would been sent miles though dark tunnels without light or oxygen to work.
    Much of the work force of the Manchester Cotton Industry , the birth place of industrialisation was children. Deaths were frequent .
    I pointed out to my own brood that clearly this life was better than the alternatives which gives you some idea what it was like to be the rural poor of the time, so there is that .

    But …we make progress don`t we? I don`t suppose even so heartless a fiend as Worstall would want to go back to those days and yet all participants were making rational free choices.
    Could it be that freedom is not such a simple thing like democracy?

  3. The Meissen Bison

    sent miles though dark tunnels without light or oxygen

    Just like those vacuum tubes they used to have in department stores years ago.

  4. One thing they didn’t tell me at school about those old cotton mills was that the children weren’t employees of the mill owner. They were employees of their parents who acted, I suppose you could say, as pimps for their services. And it was the pimps who got the pay. Naturally.

  5. 10-4, dearieme. My grandmother farmed out my father and his siblings to farms in Great Depression 1930s Kentucky. I make no judgement on my grandmother; I assume she did what she had to do to survive.

    It still bothered my father decades later. He felt like he had been a slave.*

    People don’t comprehend how good they have it today, because they don’t know how things were just a hundred years ago.

    *Reparations for me?

  6. The reparations stuff seems to ignore the equivalent state of ‘white trash’ labour class at the time for comparatives
    Though maybe the general population of the south could ask for reparations for Sherman’s burning of Atlanta and the March to the the Sea

  7. Peter S. Shenkin

    @Newmania “I took my family to see the Levant Mine…”

    Yes, but what would we expect of the Levant?

  8. The Meissen Bison

    @Pcar – Well I never. Perhaps the Newmanies can go and try them out to relive the no-oxygen experience of yesteryear.

  9. Uber, Prostitution. Prostitution, Uber.
    Isn’t there a business idea waiting to be born right there?

  10. I have been waiting hours for someone to point out that he will get jailed for money laundering, regardless of Tim’s somewhat dubious point

  11. I don`t suppose even so heartless a fiend as Worstall would want to go back to those days…

    I assume the same, considering Tim’s never supported communism.

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