Polly does love these Chancellor types, doesn’t she?

John McDonnell’s bold policies will genuinely improve people’s lives. But they’re of little use if Labour cannot win an election

She found the One Eyed Viking lubricious too. And even managed a thing for Darling. Must be something about a man holding someone else’s wallet.

14 thoughts on “Polly does love these Chancellor types, doesn’t she?”

  1. JM’s policies would for sure improve the lives of those selling UK assets short.

    I suspect these are not the lives La Tuscana has in mind though.

  2. It’s never a good idea to use Hitler as a metaphor for anything else

    Is Polly aware that she writes for The Guardian?

  3. ‘betrays those Labour would lift from poverty’

    As Labour brushes away the causes of poverty.

    Labour will pull all down to poverty. Achieving the elusive equality.

  4. ‘Is it possible? Setting the highest targets is the best way: Tony Blair astounded a room full of poverty researchers in 1999 when he pledged to end child poverty by 2020: at every budget that pledge forced the pace, adding to tax credits that eventually lifted a million children out of poverty. Would Labour have hit that target? Without doubt, had Labour been in power for the last decade, that progress would have continued, instead of going into screeching reverse. As with the Blair/Brown child poverty target, McDonnell has chosen a target with cunning political calculation: just as poor children touch the hearts, so poverty among the “hard-working” arouses indignation, without the fear of the “moral hazard” of rewarding the feckless.’

    I mean she has been away with the clouds for decades but this paragraph is just Goebbels for the 21st century

  5. This current Leftist flurry about Hitler comparisons is breathtakingly hypocritical, even by their astoundingly low standards. It must be a deliberate windup.

  6. ‘lifted a million children out of poverty’

    Wow! What was their average income and net worth?

    Or are Labour kids penniless slaves to their parents like every other kid?

  7. In the 70’s and 80’s the Finnish equivalent of Tesco etc was running adds showing the butcher’s counter, cuts of meat, mince etc. The broadcast could be seen in Estonia if you tinkered the aerial so people were able to see all this western stuff on the telly. Estonian government’s line was that this was purely western propaganda, supermarkets didn’t sell any meat like that at all, pure capitalist fiction.

    People would travel to Leningrad and Tallinn to exchange denim and plastic carrier bags (!) to vodka and prostitutes.

    People in Poland and similar countries are not that keen on this Corbyn-style “change is coming” socialist agenda – I wonder why…

    Finland, which escaped the Iron Curtain but had to be buddies with Soviet Union, abolished “grammar school” system in the early 70’s and copied the DDR East German education system instead.

    Because of all this I became an anti-communist/socialist, even anti-social democrat.///rant over

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