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Poor little dears

Pink lights that highlight children’s acne to disperse them from public places and anti-loitering sonic sirens only children can hear should be banned, says the children’s commissioner for England.

Anne Longfield told The Telegraph the devices were “cruel and demeaning” as it emerged that increasing numbers are being deployed by councils, businesses and residents to disperse groups of young children congregating in public.

They’re supposed to be cruel and demeaning Love.

16 thoughts on “Poor little dears”

  1. “anti-loitering sonic sirens only children can hear”

    = classical music.

    The problem of loitering teenagers is more severe in the Nordic countries because of social democracy and shopping centres being “public places”. So criminal Somali children have the right to arse around everywhere, train stations, city centres, shopping centres etc.

  2. Jussi – it’s okay though, some of them can run fast.

    With all the vibrantly diverse handgrenades going off all over parts of Sweden, learning to sprint is a bit of a lifesaver. Somali import or not…

  3. Why oh why has nobody invented a drug for putting people into a coma at 13, such that they recover at, say, 25? We’d need warehouses to stock them in, but we’d save a fortune on the child-minding provided by schools and universities.

  4. Trying to stop young people congregating in public seems pretty illiberal really, and these methods even more so.

    On the other hand, trying to create a certain ambience by piped classical music (as at Euston Square and a couple of other tube stations) I’m okay with. Not sure if that’s entirely logically consistent on my part.

  5. groups of young children congregating in public

    Young children? Really? I’d classify “young children” as seven year olds.

    Sixteen year olds are not. Teenagers, almost, adults, but not “young children”.

    It’s ironic that someone can be both a “young child” and be perfectly mature enough to consent to an abortion without parental involvement, for example. I suppose they can be classified by whatever is required to suit the Progressive tactical needs of the moment.

    Here, it is to keep gangs of anti-social teenagers in the face of normal people for as long as is feasibly possible, just for the sheer pleasure of it.

  6. As long as you’re not breaking the law, all people of all ages should be free to congregate where they choose in public. These kinds of measures target everyone to deal with the problems of a minority, as do prohibitions on drinking alcohol in public places. They are enacted because of the unwillingness of the filth to do their job properly.

  7. @ Mr Dearieme. Warehousing them up to the age of 28 would empty the prisons too.
    Alternatively putting them into some sort of armed force and sending/hiring them abroad would boost service exports and even boost a little empire building. Africa is ripe for either mercs or takeover and the Chinese method seems awry.
    Win win.

  8. Colour me confused. I thought that the Government’s ‘Nudge’ program, and the unit in the Cabinet Office was specifically intended to apply social pressure to people who didn’t think correctly – essentially to be cruel and demeaning.

    But that’s all right if the Government do it…

  9. @ Dodgy Geezer
    No, the “Nudge” programme was to encourage people by offering/applying incentives.
    The cruel and demeaning social pressure was the Brownian method – expel all smokers to stand in the rain outside the office, ban smoking in the Public Bar as well as the non-smoking Lounge Bar.

  10. If they get together and behave well leave them alone.

    If they behave badly bash the shite out of them.


  11. On private property, fair enough. On land maintained with taxes paid by their parents, what DocBud said.

    What if their parents don’t pay taxes? That’s a bit harder. (Anarcho-capitalism solves all these problems, though.)

  12. the kids only sonic stuff was banned years ago by most councils, though I did find it amusing that kids used it as a ringtone/alert as the teachers couldn’t hear it in class

    By coincidence I’ve been reading Starship Troopers and just finished the rant on juvenile delinquents bit on the way into work, a bit over the top in need for physical punishment, but surprising how it reflects current issues and how kids are only taught about rights not duties which makes them selfish brats etc.

  13. I read Starship Troopers about ten years ago, and kept thinking: hold on, *when* was this written? Last year?

  14. When I was a child/teen we loitered well away from adults. Must admit the “pink light” tactic is highly amusing.

    Have they tried street preachers?


    You mean secuity can’t throw you out or ban you from privately owned shopping centre?

    @dearieme July 24, 2019 at 10:24 am

    That’s what boarding schools are for – send child away at <12, adult returns years later.


    Sajid Javid new chancellor – doesn’t inspire confidence

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