Quite right too

HMS Queen Elizabeth returns to port after leak on board

Sailors should go over the side. That is what man overboard means, isn’t it?

The real point of this story being:

The UK’s most powerful warship, which cost £3.1bn, has been forced to cut its latest trials short.

Yes, that’s why they’re called trials. Big complicated things, ships. Almost all built to order, each different from the last. Therefore you try them out and fix the problems as they become visible.

In fact, you collect an experienced and special crew to do this.

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  1. Mmmm…. A trial voyage is a very expensive thing to organise. If they’ve cut it short, that implies there’s tasks that were scheduled to be performed that haven’t been completed. If the water ingress is a minor & easy to cope with as reported, can’t help but wonder if this is an excuse rather than a reason & there’s other, more major, problems. It is, after all, a warship not a cruise liner. It should be expected to be able to sustain a degree of battle damage & remain functional. An anti-ship missile strike is likely to cause more than transient dampness but one would hope a Ferrari’s worth of sea-skimmer wouldn’t put half of the UK’s maritime aviation capability out of action..

  2. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    A string broke on one of the Swordfish and they didn’t have a replacement.

  3. @bis
    You may well be right

    It does depend what the next stage of trials are though

    They may be more important, so cut the current programme short, potentially catch up later and get this fixed before going onto the next schedule

    I have done it many times on other warships

  4. Indeed, Mr Starfish. Or maybe the captain has something in his social calendar he really can’t miss. I have no idea of the purpose of the Royal Navy, but it certainly isn’t defence of the Realm

  5. Any naval vessel used against even a third-rate power is either a submarine or doomed. What a waste of money and men.

  6. “Sailors should go over the side. That is what man overboard means, isn’t it?”

    Nah. ‘Man Overboard’ means someone’s in the water. Unintentionally. If you’re just over the side. say, standing on a 2×4 plank tied to the railings 15 feet over your head while you pain the side of the ship, that’s just ‘over the side’.

    Dearieme – that’s a) not true. Groups have extensive ASW setups and set and maintain ASW perimeters that aren’t just going to be penetrated – you’re more likely to be effective against a CBG by mass-launching of missiles, which is best done by surface ships as they carry enough and can launch fast enough, to get the job done. Which a sub can’t. And b) there are tons of uses for a carrier that don’t involve near-peer conflicts. In fact, for simple power projection, being able to place an airfield next to whatever po-dunk country you want to intimidate can’t be beat as gun-boat diplomacy.

  7. What a waste of money and men.

    I make no comment on their value for money as effective warships, but they were certainly a waste: they were commissioned by the one-eyed scotch cretin as the most expensive vote-buying operation ever, and he still lost in 2010.

  8. One of ‘Brown’s Navy’ is a bit of a pig in a poke to no ones surprise.
    Does the Navy even have enough sailors to provide a crew for these monsters?

  9. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    Jonathan, tsk tsk.

    Get with The Project.

    We just outsource it to India via a PFI.

  10. “you’re more likely to be effective against a CBG by mass-launching of missiles, which is best done by surface ships”: on the contrary, it’s best done from land. Unless you plan to refight WWII in the middle of the Pacific. Bonkers notion.

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