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I have a modest proposal to break the deadlock in Parliament: Hang a Remainiac MP at Tyburn every week until we leave the EU.
Merely to encourage the others, naturally……..


16 thoughts on “Quote of the day”

  1. I have suggested previously that culling remainiac Labour and Conservative MPs would seem to be not only a practical solution, but a just and fair one given their betrayal of the Brexit vote and the General Election manifestos of those two parties.

    I’m fully in favour of a second referendum to decide who gets topped first.

    My personal favourite represents an East Midlands constituency.

  2. Dennis the Peasant

    With Pierrepoint long dead I’d bet coin of the realm that you couldn’t without without fucking it all up.

  3. I quite like the nostalgia factor of hanging, but let’s not neglect the older English tradition of beheading. None of these fancy Frog contraptions either, just a big burly bloke with an axe.

    Anything except what they did to poor Edward II, that was uncalled for and I don’t think it’d be compliant with the Human Rights Act.

    I always thought the Spaniards were rather cruel to garrote people – but that’s the dagos for you, all smiles and tapas till you piss them off. The Yanks have gone to the opposite extreme with their lethal injections nonsense. If you don’t have the moral fortitude to kill a man like a man, instead of a dog, you probably shouldn’t be in the capital punishment business.

  4. Looks like we will get that second referendum, in the form of a general election. I just hope Boris has the sense to form a pact with TBP (and vice versa).

  5. @ Dennis the peasant. the task could always be contracted out to Jeremy’s friends in Hamas. I’m sure they could cope.

  6. Remainiac MPs need to be arrested for treason–esp Bercow and the Grieve and Cooper/Boles Gang–and emergency powers used to have their votes in any future capers entered as their constituents voted 23/6/16. Simples.

  7. @ Andrew C:

    “As long as they adhere to the ‘Table of Drops’ they should be OK.”

    I notice it only goes up to 14 stone.

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