Seems a strange place to go looking

A BRIT teenage lad has been brutally raped by two men after being kicked out of a brothel on the infamous Punta Ballena strip in Magaluf, it has been reported.


It said the holidaymaker was enticed into the brothel by two prostitutes on the promise of a striptease – but thrown out after telling them he had no money.

The two men are said to have been waiting for him when he was kicked out on the streets via a back door.

Doctors examined him at Son Espases Hospital in the Majorcan capital Palma and are understood to have confirmed he had been the victim of a sex attack.

If you were into male on male sex then why would you be hanging around the back door of a hetero brothel?

11 thoughts on “Seems a strange place to go looking”

  1. It does sound fishy, doesn’t it? A couple of gay blokes are just hanging around the back door of a brothel for punters to come out? Or were they waiting for this punter? And at 5:30? I’d have thought most of the brothel business would be done by then.

    “The 27-year-old tourist told officers his sex attacker forced himself on him near the raucous West End area before stealing his phone.”

    I can’t help wondering if this some lad overdoing his fraudulent insurance claim.

  2. Is male on male rape specifically a thing that just or predominantly gay men do, or is it opportunistically done by otherwise heterosexual people, like most other violent rape of strangers, prison rape, etc?

  3. The salient point is that he was raped by two men.

    Most rapes are by a single assailant; it takes another level of screwed-up morals to conspire with a friend to plan to rape somebody. Chances are these blokes got a taste for gay rape in prison (as mentioned by BiG); they’re not rainbows-and-pride gays.

    We can assume that the brothel used the threat of gang rape to try to force the victim to pay. The victim doesn’t pay, so the pimp (ex-con himself) calls up a couple of blokes he knows and says “we need to shake down this kid for money, do your worst”.

    As far as premeditated sex attacks go, foreign 19 year old blokes are safe prey as they’re unlikely to go to the police.

  4. “If you were into male on male sex then why would you be hanging around the back door of a hetero brothel?”

    Seems more likely they were low-lifes working as bouncers at the brothel and sent to teach the kid a lesson about wasting a pro’s time.

  5. “A BRIT teenage lad”
    “The 27-year-old tourist“

    so either 2 cases or someone doesn’t understand the definition of teenager

  6. “f you were into male on male sex then why would you be hanging around the back door of a hetero brothel?”

    Huh? How can you conclude the victim was gay or into man on man action?? Are you assuming the victim must be gay because straight men are never victims of anything?

  7. Who said anything about the victim? I was talking about the perps, the rapists, not the rapee. You know, the rapists being the ones who initiated and insisted upon the man on man sex?

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