Short answers to simple questions

Can Britain’s flexible office boom survive an economic downturn?


It’s a liquidity mismatch. It’ll all come to the most terrible tears when hte market turns.

3 thoughts on “Short answers to simple questions”

  1. Regus has been through some recessions, hasn’t it?

    Or is it no longer around? I’ve lost track.

  2. @Edward, Yes it has and yes it is still around. The ‘boom’ is more about the likes of WeWork who in classic dot com mode have been splashing large amounts of other people’s money around which, rather like Uber etc, is very good for the consumer rather than the investor. In that sense the bigger risk will be the rental properties currently being lived in by all the employees of assorted Silicon Valley bubble companies when the merry go round of over inflated VC and Private Equity valuations finds there is no dumb pension money to monetise them at the end of the line.

  3. @Mark T

    +1 and they’re all fluffy cuddly, sustainable, green, ethical, SJW havens.

    I read about one startup which moved out as their was too much noise and disruption – environment not conducive to productive work

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