Small world

Rodham tested that friendship on Prescott’s behalf in 1997, when he arranged a White House meeting for Yuri Luzhkov, the mayor of Moscow, to help to smooth the way for a plan to introduce “smart” credit and debit cards to Russia. “I just called the Russia desk at the White House, as anybody in this country can do,” said Rodham, although it is possible that being the first lady’s brother helped to get the call put through to the right person. Luzhkov’s name rang alarm bells in the Clinton entourage. He had been accused of having links to Russian mobsters and had been involved in a dispute with an American businessman who was subsequently found murdered in Moscow.

Murdered is the wrong word there. Assassinated.

Knew the bloke, vaguely. But he and his assassin (not the shooter, the guy who paid at least by all sensible accounts) were customers.

There was a joint venture which owned a hotel and there was an argument over who really, really owned it. The Russian courts said the local, the arbitration one in Stockholm the American. A terminal solution was found….. not particularly Luzhkov involved, even as he would clearly and obviously known the shooter and probably done business in other realms with him.

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  1. So relatives of Hilary had Russian contacts while her and Bill were in government, surely there needs to be an extensive investigation of this

  2. @BNiC

    Google Insider Google is bent on never letting somebody like Donald Trump come to power again
    @15m36s Google defines “Hillary Clintons emails” as a conspiracy, auto complete & suggest deleted – Google declare “nobody searches for this”

    Same will apply to all Helllary/Rodham/Clinton Russia, Clinton Foundation etc

    Google copying and expanding BBC “bias by omission”

    Instagram too – Instagram Bans Donald Trump Jr. From Receiving ‘Likes’ On Any Post

    This censorship on SM is ludicrous and Orwellian

    It’s also an admission by Zuck et al that Left are so incompetent and unpopular they can’t build sufficient support for their preferences, policies etc

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