So, don’t bother to write for Medium then

Medium says it offers a chance to get published behind their paywall. Doing so then gains you some portion of what people pay to be able to get past the paywall.

I tried this. Two essays. Not saying that either are pure and golden but each is a couple of thousand words looking askance at policies being advanced in the Democratic primaries.

No, not saying that the political line is the reason for the following.

After a couple of weeks neither has been reviewed by Medium for inclusion behind that paywall. One actually tells me their editorial staff is so overwhelmed that they won’t even bother. The other says they’ve not got to it yet – that second being the older one by a couple of days.

Yes, I have sent emails and asked and got no response.

So, the conclusion has to be that Medium, as a place to write and get paid, simply doesn’t work.

Ah well, shrug.

7 thoughts on “So, don’t bother to write for Medium then”

  1. A midget was arrested for fraud for conducting a seance. When he escaped from jail, the bulletin went out, “Small medium at large!”

    You could still try Small and Large, Tim.

  2. Item 3 in “most popular on Medium” is “I was owed more than $5,000 from late-paying publications.”

  3. This is quite interesting:

    The answer to the question in the link is ‘almost certainly fuck all”.

    In June, the top-earning Medium writer made $13,500 and the top-earning single article just under $4k, which is pretty good.

    However only 7.8% of active writers earned more than $100 in that month.

    Judging by the front page of the website, Medium content is equal parts self-help bollocks, lefty hand-wringing and pointless wankery so it can’t even be fun to write.

  4. Dennis the Peasant

    I’m still waiting on the $100 Reason promised a decade or so ago for an article of mine they published.

  5. T&Cs – did you relinquish/share copyright?

    First thought was “sucker writes for us for nothing”, we sell his work to other sites.

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