So, what’s the threat here?

The Mexican drug lord known as El Chapo has been ordered to forfeit billions of dollars and spend the rest of his life in a maximum security US prison, ending a criminal career that at its height controlled much of the western hemisphere’s drug trade.

Joaquin Guzman, the former leader of Mexico’s Sinaloa cartel, was ordered by a judge in New York to pay $12.6 billion to the US government, a conservative estimate of his profits in the US, and serve a life sentence plus 30 more years.

We’ll make it life plus 20 if you pay up? Life plus 40 if you don’t?

14 thoughts on “So, what’s the threat here?”

  1. The boss is in prison forever. He ain’t payin’ nothin’. The chaps still in Ciudad Jaurez ain’t going to hand it over, either.

    “Hey, the boss left all this money. Should we keep it, or give it to the U.S. government?”

    A judge ordering someone in prison to do something is quite odd.

  2. Typical State thinking: ‘We want X to happen, therefore we will decree it so, and it will happen’. They never consider 2nd and 3rd order behaviour and how people will change their behaviour as a result of the decrees they make. See also laws on drugs, disposal of waste, tax, the whole statute book is stuffed with magic thinking ‘All we have to do is declare this illegal (or compulsory) and everyone will comply!’

  3. Dennis the Peasant

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. Bitch about the USA doing what it was supposed to do. It would have been far better if they’d just shot the bastard dead where they found him… you know, the Pablo Escobar Solution.

    But then you’d be whining about how trigger-happy we septics are.

    Meanwhile the douchebag occupying the presidency of the shithole country that is Mexico is calling the sentence “inhumane”. Got any criticism for that?

  4. Got any criticism for that?

    Yes. He’s clearly an utter wanker.

    However, the arrest, conviction and imprisonment of El Chapo will make zero difference to the drug trade, because the demand from the US (and elsewhere) is unchanged.

    Prohibition doesn’t work.

  5. I guess it’s much more of a shithole than it was. Many moons ago I wandered across the border from San Ysidro to TJ. No-one stopped me: there seemed to be no control for pedestrians on the Mex side. TJ was weird – striped burros on street corners & wall-to-wall farmacias on the main drag. A couple of blocks West it became more ethnic with some Spanish-style buildings.

    I wouldn’t go there now, at least not alone.

  6. The existence of the court order may give them grounds for taking action to seize bank accounts or other property or at least pressure other countries where they claim the assets are held.

  7. You have to be a bit amused by the Mexican president. They turned Guzman over to the Americans knowing he’d be jailed for life in a prison from which he was not likely to escape, thereby both ridding themselves of a problem they couldn’t handle and giving them something to complain about vis-a-vis the gringos. If there are hidden billions, should the federales and politicians find it they will divvy it up among themselves.

  8. @ Dennis
    They’ve got hold of one guy and they are locking him up for life and they are going to handcuff him to his coffin for another 30 years in case he is related to Count Dracula. No objection to that.
    But saying we are going to fine you umpteen $ for crimes committed in Mexico and we expect someone in Mexico to crawl on their knees to the US border patrol to hand over all these $ is beyond ludicrous.
    PS They will have to crawl on their knees otherwise the border patrol will shoot them

  9. @ Dennis
    If they have been stupid enough to leave assets in US banks during the trial….
    All the money should go to the government of Mexico. El Chapo devasted large areas of Mexico but New York state wants the money (or a large chunk of it)

  10. “Dennis the Peasant
    July 19, 2019 at 2:07 pm

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. Bitch about the USA doing what it was supposed to do. It would have been far better if they’d just shot the bastard dead where they found him… you know, the Pablo Escobar Solution.”

    Or, you know, not have made drugs illegal in the first place – then this guy would, if he even existed, be some two-bit pimp running a string of girls and not a major crime figure.

  11. At least with alcohol prohibition they had the decency to get a constitutional amendment to give them the authority to ban alcohol.

    They have no authority to ban drugs.

  12. Dennis the Peasant

    Christ, you sound like Richard Murphy.

    Evidently drugs the equivalent of tax havens around here.

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