Such a liberal he is

Changing the rules on advertising yachts could help that

Louis says:
July 9 2019 at 8:31 pm
“Changing the rules on advertising yachts could help that”

Why not make it illegal for people to own one?

Richard Murphy says:
July 10 2019 at 7:24 am
Because as yet I do not think that necessary

Won’t we all need one to get around London?

And isn’t it a lovely vision of society, that your having a boat or not depends upon a permission slip from a retired accountant our of Wandsworth?

22 thoughts on “Such a liberal he is”

  1. Jesus did i read that correctly?..”Because as yet”, meaning the banning of yachts might happen one day?

    Why stop there? Anything else people spend money on which is bad in the eyes of Murphy – the list will go forever

  2. Am trying to find a tax advisor. Is there some kind of SpudMark, i.e. a list of tax and accounting professionals who think he’s a loon?

  3. I think Spud is a loon and dangerous and am a tax advisor.

    It does of course depend on what advice you are after!

  4. Dennis the Peasant

    Am trying to find a tax advisor. Is there some kind of SpudMark, i.e. a list of tax and accounting professionals who think he’s a loon?

    I’m a CPA and I know this: He’s incompetent in his chosen profession. He doesn’t know or understand accounting and he doesn’t know or understand tax. He’s in his, what, late 50s? Living in a shit home in Ely while wandering around England looking for handouts from progressive non-profits that have more money than brains. And given the tone and tenor of his begging, it’s clear he hasn’t got a penny to his name.

    I’m your average half-assed CPA. Average in every way, professionally. But I have a nicer home, a practice that delivers a comfortable living and a net worth that would allow me to retire tomorrow if I so chose. (Oh, and I’m also still on Wife Number One, so I can’t even grant him a pass on being able to properly manage his personal affairs while fucking up his professional ones.)

    The fact that I can look down on Richard Murphy’s professional knowledge, accomplishments, skill set and standing tells you all you need to know about his worth.

  5. It’s high time this self-regarding little tyrant was parked on a plane with a one-way ticket to Pyongyang and rendered statelesss

  6. Pilgrim Slight Return says:
    July 10 2019 at 8:34 am
    From the perspective of someone now in the throes of burying an elderly deceased parent,

    In contrast to the perspective of someone in the throes of burying an elderly, non-deceased parent.

  7. Anything else people spend money on

    Train sets? What utility do they have? No one needs a train set. I say ban them.

  8. I had a painful period of self employment. I did a project for someone, was a director of his limited company, and the original agreement was PAYE (wasn’t earning enough at the time for this to be a problem) but things dragged on and I had to go and get a proper job before receiving payment. Now payment can finally happen but if it’s done by PAYE now on top of my regular income, it’s a tax efficiency disaster.

    I have some what I think are sensible ideas but former business business partner isn’t being very cooperative. So I’m seeking someone who can possibly confirm my understanding and take some money for writing a persuasive letter…

  9. Clearly his business was working with self-employed, small businesses and from what he has said his fair share of the acting luvvies class. On that I’m prepared to admit he may well have been averagely competent, certainly he made a living at it though how much the rest of the partners carried him who knows. I’ve met a few partnerships where one qualified was the technical one and one the drumming up business and managing clients or doing the actual chats with the tax people so not unusual if his technical skills weren’t high.
    What is clear (and I’m a CMA) is that he is totally lost when coming to larger organisations and overall technical knowledge and understanding of concepts (not just following the rules but understanding why they exist and are the way they are).

  10. Pilgrim slight return is the definition of a troll. I did like this though:

    ‘Richard Murphy says:
    July 10 2019 at 8:42 am


    This is why the GND has to be about creating the new society we cant – and not just tinkering at the edges to keep the rotten system we have going, which is impossible, come what may

    I hope all goes well’

    Good to see him admit we can’t create the society he has planned out in such detail. A rare moment of modesty

  11. Dennis the Peasant

    DocBud –

    Pain in the

    That should have been obvious to anyone who reads my comments. Shame.

  12. Train sets? What utility do they have? No one needs a train set. I say ban them.

    I’ll give you my train set when you pry it from my cold, dead hands. 🙂

  13. There are unfortunately several hundred thousand wannabe apparatchiks in the uK. but very few who are prepared to declare it openly. Congrats to the spudmeister. One day, his fantasies will be realised and he will have his dream job as chairman of the committee to decide whether you are worthy to be placed on the waiting list for a 10 year old trabant.

  14. Socialists care about money, yes. But what they really value — what they want to make more precious by making it scarce and subject to constant control from above — is PERMISSION.

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