The Capitol One hacker

Umm…. Well:

Thompson began the tweets by saying “tomorrow I’m going to call in ahead and schedule a euthanasia for my cat.” It’s unclear what happened to the cat, named Millie.

“After this is over I’m going to go check into the mental hospital for an indefinite amount of time. I have a whole list of things that will ensure my involuntary confinement from the world. The kind that they can’t ignore or brush off onto the crisis clinic. I’m never coming back,” one tweet said.

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  1. Bloke In Westerville

    One painfully obvious fact that has been assiduously ignored by the mainstream media is that Thompson is transgender.

  2. My wife, who is not a reader of this site, was looking over my shoulder when this item cropped up. Instant wifely reaction? “Surely, that’s a bloke in drag….?”

  3. Oh, and perhaps the poor old Millie’s “scheduled for euthanasia” because s/he wants to be Willie?

  4. Imagine being a hiring manager and thinking:

    “Hmm, yes. I think I will give this obviously disturbed ‘Buffalo Bill from Silence Of The Lambs’ lookalike access to our vital customer data. What could possibly go wrong? #yolo”

    Basically, trannies are going to bring about the financial apocalypse foretold by Fight Club – and that’s a GOOD thing, bigots!

  5. Anybody member the bad old days when employers expected you to pretend to be normal before they’d risk hiring you?

    Supertramp complained about it:

    Oh, won’t you sign up your name?
    We’d like to feel you’re acceptable
    Oh, presentable, a vegetable

    Go to any big evil corporation’s jobs page in 2019 – especially in tech – and you’ll probably see pictures of people with blue hair and septum rings. By an amazing non-coinkydink Big Tech now has a serious problem with its own employees and their flaky shenanigans. It’s by no means certain that even giants like Google and Microsoft can survive the importation of social justice politics and attention-seeking loonies.

    Wellity, wellity, well, my droogs… it turns out the stuffy old bigots of yesteryear were right again.

  6. Steve,

    Big Tech generally avoid the problem by hiring from the subcontinent. The blue hair brigade came about because even Indians balk at paying Californian real estate prices and Californian taxes.

  7. I suppose the distinction to make is between those “transgender” people whose lunacy – or idiosyncrasy – is confined to that one issue, and those who are loonie tout court.

    I guess that the latter far outnumber the former. Does anyone know? Could anyone know?

  8. Bloke In Westerville said:
    “One painfully obvious fact that has been assiduously ignored by the mainstream media is that Thompson is transgender.”

    From the pictures, it seems difficult to ignore.

  9. Andrew – I know, part of the reason why Google had strike action recently was because of the clash between “sexist” brown guys who like bobs and vagine and rainbow-haired she-twinks who dislike any implication of heterosexuality.

  10. Reminds me of Bradley/Chelsea Manning… maybe it’s a coincidence (entirely possible given a sample of two!) but I wonder if there is something in their psychology that pre-disposes them to something like this.

  11. Oh, interestingly reading a Bloomberg report on this – apparently on one of her Slack channels for her business she expressed regret that she fully transitioned and expressed a wish to detransition (to what extent is unclear).

  12. I wonder how many regret transitioning – the suicide rates seem to suggest many do. Perhaps the aggressive championing is a kind of displacement to try to convince themselves.

  13. @Oblong Tractor Gent

    How many? We will never know, as knowing is banned

    University ‘turned down politically incorrect transgender research’

    Bath Spa University turned down an application for research on gender reassignment reversal because it was “potentially politically incorrect” and would attract criticism on social media.

    James Caspian, a psychotherapist who specialises in working with transgender people, proposed the research about “detransitioning” to the university in south-west England, which, he said, initially approved the application.

    When he went back with his preliminary findings that suggested growing numbers of young people, particularly women, were regretting gender reassignment, Bath Spa said his proposal would have to be resubmitted to the ethics committee, which rejected it.

    Caspian, who enrolled on an MA course at the university, said he was “astonished” by the decision and had sought legal advice.

    “The fundamental reason given was that it might cause criticism of the research on social media, and criticism of the research would be criticism of the university. They also added it’s better not to offend people,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Monday….

  14. I wonder if there is something in their psychology

    Like a suppressed desire to tear off the facade and reveal the truth to everyone including yourself?

    Might be on to something…

  15. Amazingly, it turns out that those with body dysmorphic disorder can’t be made sane(r) by altering the body. Anorexics don’t improve as they get thinner and males with gender dysphoria don’t get better when their goolies are chopped off.


  16. They do know they can’t sew their goolies back on again, it doesn’t work that way, don’t they?

  17. Given you can do MtF and FtM it wouldn’t surprise me that some of them think you can undo it.
    Tend to think it’s more the reality sinking in that what we currently call transitioning is a poor facsimile and they realise they are still trapped in a body they don’t want or that changing the outer doesn’t really fix the inner psychological issues anyway.
    As we age it’s hard to see ourselves as we really are, the mind plays tricks and altering what the mirror shows isn’t going fool the brain.

  18. OT – Say NO to Boris Johnson’s amnesty for illegal immigrants

    @Mr Ecks et al

    Please share

    Make your voice heard on Boris’s suggested amnesty for illegal immigrants

    In his first statement to the House of Commons as Prime Minister, Boris Johnson suggested that the government would ‘look at’ an amnesty for illegal immigrants.

    Mr Johnson had already indicated during his leadership campaign that such a scheme could apply to those who have been in the UK illegally for 15 years.

    He first mooted the idea for an amnesty for illegal immigrants when he was campaigning to be Mayor of London. With respect to our new Prime Minister, he was wrong then and he is wrong now.

    The implication of such a proposal is that if you break the law and remain undetected for 15 years you will qualify for the right to remain in the UK permanently and be granted the right to working age and retirement benefits (whether or not you have paid taxes or made National Insurance contributions), very likely having already enjoyed free health care, education and other services.

    This makes no sense and it is not something that most adults in the UK, who have dutifully paid their taxes and National Insurance contributions, will regard as fair or reasonable.

    That is why we are inviting the public to sign a petition – ‘Rule out any prospect of granting an amnesty on illegal immigration’ – on the Government Petitions website.

    Adding your signature will help to send a clear and unambiguous message that such an amnesty would send all the wrong signals, be totally counter-productive and be little more than manna for the traffickers. Let’s not forget that 77 per cent of the public see illegal immigration as a serious problem facing the country….


  19. Capitol, Tim? Sudden affliction of Spanish? He/she/it was hacking in Seattle, not Foggy Bottom

  20. Hmm, yes, my mistake. Although not actually across languages, as you imply.

    Capitol means the building the legislature is in in American. Capital the city it’s in.

    Still my mistake of course, but not that one you think it is.

  21. “but not that one you think it is.”
    Er, Foggy Bottom, Tim?
    But maybe you suffer from the same affliction as I do. Lot of word in ES/PO are the same as english but with a different spelling convention. And you start forgetting which one you should be using in which. I sort of presume the Nest of Vipers got spelt with the o because the founding fathers fancied being pretentious with the latin. They were, after all, essentially Brits..

  22. “Capitol means the building the legislature is in in American. Capital the city it’s in.”

    On the innernet many Murkins confuse the two.

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